0.7 No Boundaries

The problem with Art that dances with the One most fundamental Reality in the universe, is that by definition it will never encounter a boundary or be complete. So perhaps this will eternally be a Work In Progress.

One can never be bounded or contained.

It contains and unites All.

The deeper we go, and the farther we travel in the Way, the more the boundaries and the certainties recede from our view, and the more immersed and enmeshed in the infinite Ultimate Reality we become, the more we realize Our Work can never be completed.

The more we Realize that which is beyond our present ability to Articulate...

The more we Realize that we are not merely engaged in work, but in a Way of Being that is spiraling us every deeper into the eye of the Universe.

Yet although we are drifting ever further away from the false security of the Articulated and Known, the more the Certainties and Boundary of Knowing recedes from our view, the more the possibility of a far deeper kind of Knowing that is beyond words opens up.

It is time to Rediscover these deeper and more profound kinds of Knowing.

Once we begin to Rediscover, we can begin to Reimagine and Rebuild.

This small work of Art and Wisdom is designed to liberate us out of the meaningless Cave of endarkened Knowing, to rip our chains from the walls, and to guide us out into the brilliant Light of a New Dawn.

Out beyond the Boundary, and into an ever expanding domain of Adventure and Mastery, in which we are helping Being Realize the fullness of its Potential...

In which we are progressively Realizing the Absolute zenith that lies beyond the Highest Intention and Greatest Good of Which We Can Presently Conceive….

In which we are progressively Remembering Its Nature and Its 1. Intention and Its Goal….

And in which we are progressively Reuniting our Selves with the One and with One Another in service of All, as we All progress in Community towards The Goal.

It is a terrifying proposition to venture out into the Infinite Unknown, yet it is a far greater and more terrifying proposition to remain asleep and captive in the Cave of Knowing.

So please make sure that as we embark together on this epic Quest, you do not make the dire mistake of thinking you can place the New experience in the Old Categories.

If you attempt to do so, so the Old Categories will burst and both the New and the Old will both be ruined. #principle

What we are venturing out into is not a Category.

What we are venturing out into simply Is.

It is the One and the All that simply Are.

These limited articulations honed through our Adventure might eventually be a book. And a painting. And a movie. And a play. And a symphony. And a New conceptual artistic and cinematic universe. And a Culture. And an Embodied Way of Being. And an entirely regenerated New World.

After all, when the Spirit rises up and hovers over the waters of Chaos, and speaks the Logos, it calls forth from the infinite storehouses that which is most Good.

For now, these words are simply an Invitation to One and All to embark together on the most epic and important Quest in history.

An Invitation to leave behind what you thought you knew and the world you thought you lived in, to venture out beyond the Boundary, out into the Mystery, out into Reality, in all her enrapturing splendor.

Until we all come to understand more fully, it would be wise to Act As If the future of generations of life to come depended upon our success.

It is time to embark on our Quest, and venture out beyond the Boundary.

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