1.1 Above The Chaos

There is a Spirit that rises up and hovers over the waters of Chaos in order to rightly vanquish and guide them.

There is a Spirit that searches the depths of the universe and Realizes what It has in Mind.

There is a Spirit that articulates Logos, and thereby brings forth the New and the Good into Embodied form.

There is an Infinite Spirit that Incarnates its Universal and Eternal Nature and 1. Intention into Time and Space.

There is a New yet Eternal Order that is so Truthful, Right, and Good, that its reign over the Chaos shall be without end.

May we become, Individually and Collectively, a living Embodiment of It.

May only that which is True be spoken, and may the eternal words of Truth bring forth only that which is Good.

The Old is passing away.

Behold, We are making All things New.

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