1. Intention

This section of the Meta Project Program Statement is written to align the Community around the 1. Intention and Goal of the Program.

The Meta Goal

As discussed in the introduction, the Highest Intention and Greatest Good flowing from the heart of Love is (something like):

The total integrated wellbeing, development, and right relationship of all generations of life.

The uniting desire is for all generations of life to develop into the fullness of their unique potential, and flourish in harmony.


Realizing this Intention requires that we consciously transform our world into the kind of place where the Meta Goal is our experienced Reality.

Designing and Building the New World

Any building or system of reasonable complexity requires Plans and Specifications that articulate how all its subcomponents and systems should function together.

If we are to succeed and avoid failure in this Program, the way we organize and govern ourselves as a human species will require no less.

The following sections lay out an opening "back of the napkin" articulation of the major characteristics, features, and components we Imagine will need to be present in the Design.

This back of the napking sketch should be further articulated by the Program Teams teams in the Lionsberg Plans and Specifications.

Conditions of Satisfaction

The integrated effort to Co-Create the New World should be continually measured against the Conditions of Satisfaction.

The Conditions of Satisfaction should be further articulated in the Plan and Specifications.

The Meta Condition

The Meta Condition of Satisfaction is that whatever we co-create has to measurably and progressively accomplish the overarching and uniting Meta Goal. If it does not accomplish the Goal, the New has not be designed and built properly, and should be rejected by the global Community.

Satisfying the Meta Condition inherently contains within itself the requirement to accomplish the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals, and the total nested hierarcy of Conditions of Satisfaction.

We are rejecting the Old because it does not satisfy the Meta Condition, and we should reject the New for the same reasons if it is not adequate.

Subordinate Conditions of Satisfaction

In order for us to be satisfied with the New, the following qualities should be present:

Characteristics of the New World

  • The air is getting progressively purer and more alive over time
  • The water is getting progressively purer and more alive over time
  • The soil is getting progressively purer and more alive over time
  • Every human being has the opportunity, encouragement, and empowerment to discover and achieve their unique potential in service of the Whole.
  • The entire Living System and all its inhabitants have the opportunity to discover and achieve thier unique potential in service of the Whole.
  • Developing and flourishing individuals are integrated into developing and flourishing families, teams and organizations.
  • Developing and flourishing individuals, families, teams, and organizations are integrated into developing and flourishing communities.
  • Developing and flourishing communities are integrated into the developing and flourishing Meta Community.
  • The developing and flourishing Meta Community is functionally integrating and elevating all generations of Life.
  • The entire System is being consciously directed across the generations towards its Highest Intention and Greatest Good.
  • All other characteristics implied by the Meta Condition and Meta Goal are being progressively articulated and fulfilled.
  • The entire System is Getting a Little Better Every Day, because all life is striving in harmony to make it so.

Design and Programming Requirements

It is anticipated that every element of above will require careful design, programming, and process considerations that cause them to progressively become reality.

These should be articulated in the Plans and Specifications.

Major Features and Components - Philosophical View

Wisdom leads, and everything else follow.

In order to have any chance of succeeding in the Program, Wisdom must take the lead, and everything else must follow.

Our Common Inheritance, the total set of Wisdom, Principles, and Values that cause people, societies, and living systems to flourish, should be gathered up and articulated in a Meta Philosophy to Guide all other aspects of the Program.

Major Features and Components - Scientific View

Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding must all properly be understood and dealt with.

The proper way to deal with Knowledge is to systematically organize and test it, and continuously elevate and conform our Understanding of it to Reality.

The best way humanity has so far discovered to organize and test its Current Best Understanding is through a scientific process that forces us to articulate and test hypotheses.

As a structured aid to our spiritual, intuitive, subjective understanding of Reality reflected in the Meta Philosophy, we should add a rigorous, measurable, testable Meta Science.

In the same way that our Meta Philosophy must reach out and gather up our inheritance of Wisdom, so much our Meta Science reach out and gather up our collective Current Best Understanding of what we think we Know.

It should be noted that the purpose of Science is to progressively and systematically conform our Knowledge and Understanding towards Truth over time, and not to affirmatively state what is True.

Throughout history, we can see numerous examples of the ruin that occurs if Science or Technology get out ahead of Wisdom.

Wisdom leads, science and technology follow in service to the Goal that Wisdom points us towards.

Major Features and Components - Systems View

In order for the Conditions of Satisfaction to be met, it is anticipated that the following major features and components will have to be designed, built, and operationalized.

Because we are looking at the New World through the lens of a single highest order System, all features below are described as systems in order to ensure that they imply everything necessary to integrate and function over time:

1. A Higher Order System of Learning

2. A Higher Order System of Health and Wellbeing

3. A Higher Order System of Human Development

4. A Higher Order System of Organizational Development

5. A Higher Order System of Community Development

6. A Higher Order System of Work

7. A Higher Order System of Governance

8. A Higher Order System of Administration

9. A Higher Order System of Economy

10. A Higher Order System of Culture / Art / Society

11. A Higher Order System of Living Systems Integration

12. A Higher Order System of Meaning and Spirituality

13. A Higher Order System of Philosophy

14. A Higher Order System of Wisdom, Principles, and Values

15. A Higher Order System of Right Relationship

16. A Higher Order System of Conciliation and Justice

17. A Higher Order System of Help and Problem Solving

18. A Higher Order System of Integrated Delivery

19. A Higher Order System of Science

20. A Higher Order System of Technology

21. A Higher Order System of Information and Connection

22. A Higher Order System for Transforming Weapons Into Tools of Life

23. A Higher Order System for Intergenerational Resource Transfer and Stewardship

Diversity and Multiplicity in the System of Systems

The higher order / deepest systems upon which the most other things depend should be purely conceptual in nature, and should only exist in reality as a result of voluntary collaboration and interoperability among sovereign and autonomous sub-systems.

Under no circumstances should any one system ever become mandatory or absolute.

Sovereign and autonomous sub-systems must remain free to challenge and compete with One Another in the Wise Right way, for the Good of All.

This is crucial to avoiding the catastrophe that comes if we build a tower of babel.

There is a Wise Right way in which to establish order, harmony, and functional unity, without creating a monolithic system that inevitably leads to ruin.

Under no circumstances should one system ever be made absolute.

Only One is absolute, and everything flowing from It must remain sovereign, autonomous, and free. #principle

Interoparability Among All Systems

All systems and subsytems should be designed for interoperability in such a way that the total set of all systems can function efficiently and effectively to produce throughput of the Goal for the Good of All.

The Measurement of Value

All systems should be constructed such that the Value they are creating for the Whole can be noticed, measured, and transacted upon in-stride by the Whole.


To facilitate this, dashboards should be constructed and made available to All so that All can see the Flow of Work across the Whole, and adjust their plans and actions accordingly.

Integrated Delivery and Flow of Work

The entire System of Systems should be designed and built to facilitate the Flow / Throughput of the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals through the Integrated Delivery System.

Reaching Out To All

The entire System should be designed and built such that All without exception have access to it.

The System should be thought of as infrastructural ladders that any being on earth can access in order to climb towards its Potential for the Good of All.

If Any cannot access the ladders, they have not been constructed properly.

No one can be involuntarily left behind.

Continuous Improvement and Regeneration

The System should be designed such that is eternally encompassed, by its very nature, by a Process that continuously improves and regenerates it.

Under no circumstances should the System, forged through such tremendous risk, cost, danger, and toil, be allowed to disintegrate or degenerate.

Cycles of Death and Rebirth

The eternal survival of the conceptual Whole requires that every element of it have a lifecycle that involves both birth, death, and rebirth.

Only the highest and deepest conceptual level remains. Every other element contained in the Whole, like every living being, must eventually die and be reborn into new life.

A core element of the social and cultural System will involve removing the Fear Of Death at any fractal level.

Do No Harm

The entire System should have safeguards and protections built into it, which prevent any current or future inhabitant of earth from co-opting or leveraging it to harm and exploit others.

Major Features and Components - Physical View

In the section above, we viewed the New through the lens of a System of Systems operating in an integrated manner to produce Throughput of the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals for the Good of All.

Here, we examine the physical components that we anticipate will be required in order to create the Total Nested Hierarchy of Conditions required for Life to flourish.

If we imagine a child or a family anywhere in the world, what are the basic physical conditions that lead to suffering? What are the basic physical conditions that lead to flourishing?

In order for every individual to have the opportunity to discover and achieve their potential, we must not only forge the Systems and Technology, but also the Physical Conditions in which they can develop and flourish.

Creating the physical conditions in which life can flourish can be thought of like constructing green houses in which life can be cultivated. Similar to any plant or animal, a human being develops towards their potential far more successfully in a perfectly suited habitat.

A Physical Place To House The System

The System will be inherently be distributed through the present internet, and its successors.

A single screen, in a single room, can provide those in the room with access to the entire System of Systems, and the Community that can support their development.

As part of The Prototype, the Community should intentionally design the Prototypical physical spaces which would house all other aspects of the System in any local Instantiation.

These prototypical physical spaces could be locally adapted and constructed on any Instantiation Sites.

These physical spaces, like all elements of the System, should be designed according a modular and adaptable Pattern Language.

Recognizing the current variability in resource availability, and the need to rapidly proliferate Minimum Viable Instantiations, these physical designs should reflect the entire array of potential applications, from the very first simple building that could be constructed to connect a remote community to the System and all its benefits, all the way up to the Pattern Language for the largest cities and communities of the future.

Elevating and Transforming Old Places

By far the most responsible, cost effective, rapidly scalable, and regenerative pathway will be to elevate and transform existing buildings and infrastructure where possible.

Therefore the Pattern Language should reflect highly adaptable pathways to elevate and transform the Old into a Place suitable for the System to flourish.

New Prototypes

It is also apparent that some of the Old will need to be entirely removed and replaced, and that in many areas it will be more effective to go outside of the Old and develop in an entirely New area.

Therefore the Pattern Language should reflect highly adaptable pathways to design and build entirely New protototypes.

Each Instantiation is a Story, and Each Story is a Prophesy of Even Greater Things to Come

The most practical, visible, and accessible elements of the System will be those than can be experienced in physical form as they elevate and transform a physical space.

Every time an instantiation is completed, it becomes a prototype and a story, and each story told becomes a testimony and a prophesy of even greater things that are possible in the future.

Major Features and Components - Structural View

Just as there is a physical structure necessary to create the conditions in which the New life that is emerging can flourish...

So too are there non-physical elements of Structure that must be forged to cultivate and protect the emergence of the New System and Community.

These primarily consist of the structures through which the New interfaces with the Old.

Because it was a necessary prerequisite to creating a gathering place for the Meta Project that was able to gather and distribute resources, we have established a prototypical instantiation of the structural interface with the Old World in the United States of America.

In the future, conceptually similar instantiations will be designed and built around the world.

These structural instantions need to be designed from the beginning, like all other elements of the System, to Interoperate.

We repeat, if each and every instantiation is not interoperable and capable of functioning in Higher Order Functional Unity, the Program will fail in that area.

The Prototype

In the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery Guide, far more detail is provided regarding the creation and continuous improvement of a fully integrated Prototype, and its importance to the System.

Some core elements of the Intention behind the Prototype are:

  1. To establish a conceptually unified and Ideal concept of the entire System
  2. To ensure that a Form or Ideal exists at the deepest level of abstraction, which is free from the local / physical / temporal constraints of any Instantiation
  3. To ensure that the Ideal can learn from and be improved as a result of the embodied experience of every individual Instantiation
  4. To establish one unified Instance that is capable of aggregating the experience of and learning from all other Instantiations
  5. To ensure that the total set of all Instantiations remains interoprable
  6. To ensure that each New Instantiation benefits from the total Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding aggregated by all previous instantiations
  7. To ensure that each New Instantiation can freely localized, customized, and adapted to the unique culture, time, and place
  8. To ensure that no one element or Culture of the Old that can colonize and override the uniqueness and diversity of each Instance of the New
  9. To ensure that the leading edge of learning, experience, and transformation is occuring in a pure, flexible digital and conceptual environment that can be run through millions of transformations and tests in the amount of time that it would take to run a single transformation and test in the real world

The Prototype should be constructed in a such a way that it integrates and harmonizes all philosophical, scientific, systematic, and structural elements of the System outlined above.

The Prototype should also be designed and built such that it can be rapidly iterated, various configurations and understandings tested, replicated, and scaled relatively simultaneously around the world.

Cultural And Regional Prototypes

It is also anticipated that The Prototype will be adapted into multiple cultural and regional Prototypes.

It might be that millions of instantiations are continuously improving hundreds of regional and cultural prototypes, and that the hundreds of regional and cultural prototypes are continously improving The Prototype that is harmonizing them.

This approach would bring the highest level of abstraction much closer to the Reality in any particular Time and Place of Instantiation.

Replicating and Scaling Simultaneously Around The World

The Prototype should be constructed so that it can be rapidly iterated, adapted, replicated, and scaled relatively simultaneously around the world.

Infrastructure to Replicate and Deploy the Total System

There are currently approximately 4.5 million places in the world where people live. Viewed through a higher level of analysis and more appropriately localized, that number likely rises towards 10 million.

8 billion people divided by 10 million instances is an average of 800 people per instance.

Assuming that each individual can be in community with 100 to 200 people, and that each instantiation can serve 7 to 12 communities, this might be approximately correct.

For round numbers, let us say that the System needs to be designed to be able to connect:

  • 10 billion Individuals
  • 1 billion Teams
  • 100 million Organizations
  • 10 million Communities
  • The Entire Living System

Let us further say that these billions of elements will be in a constant state of transformation as each of the billions of elements advances through its Lifecycle.

Let us further say that when we build shared infrastructure, it should nearly always be signficantly overdesigned to allow for increased Load in the future.

The good news is that after we pass a certain scale, the System becomes scale invariant and simply properly set up to easily handle the Whole at a level that is not anywhere near its capacity.

Such is the scope and scale of infrastructure that would be required to deliver the New System to All.

Shared Services To Replicate and Deploy the Total System

In addition to the "hard" Infrastructure required to deploy the System to billions of entities, we can also Imagine that each Individual, Team, Organization, and Community that attempts to Instantiate the System will face certain challenges and problems in doing so.

It would be extraordinarily foolish and inefficient for each entity to attempt to solve problems and create solutions as if they were new.

When organizing human beings to develop potential and accomplish goals, there are only so many types of problems and opportunities that one can face.

The total set of problems, needs, issues and opportunities generally inherent in any human endeavor can be generally classified as General Problems, General Needs, General Issues, and General Opportunities.

Occassionally, there is a very unique problem, need, issue or opportunity that is uniquely specific to a Time and Place. These can be called Specific Problems, Specific Needs, Specific Issues, and Specific Opportunities.

General Issues should be solved through General Solutions.

Just as it would be foolish to solve General Issues as if they were being encountered for the first time, so too would it be foolish to attempt to implement General Solutions as if they were being implemented for the first time.

General Solutions usually require some kind of infrastructure, process, procedure, and guidance to get through. In short, each Solution is its own System.

This follows the same logic of The Prototype. Each time a General Solution is implemented, the General Solution should learn and improve as part of the total System that is learning and improving.

If we think through the problems that each member of the community is likely to face, and we listen carefully to those we are already in relationship with, we quickly begin to get an idea of the total set of Problems, Needs, and Goals Inherent In Every Community of Life.

Once we understand those needs, we can begin to work together to design and built the Shared Services and Infrastructure that are needed by All to meet the needs and solve the problems inherent in their Quest to rise towards their Potential and Flourish.

Obvious first components of such a system include:

  • Financial Management
  • Administration
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Communications
  • Operations
  • Relationship Development
  • Resource Development
  • Training, Coaching, and Mentoring
  • Help! Desk (For all issues, not just technology)
  • Etc.

Continuously Increasing Value and Quality, and Decreasing Cost and Waste

The total System should be designed such that it progressively drives Value and Quality towards thier highest Potential, while progressively driving Cost and Waste towards their lowest Potential.

This is the Lean components and philosophy of the Integrated Delivery System are of critical importance.

Driving Marginal Cost Towards Zero

Once the System and Infrastructure are established, the marginal cost of delivering the total System to each being can be driven close to zero.

Aligning Energy and Goals

As entities are connected to the System, the System should help all fractal elements "stack up" and align their energy and goals, so that they are accomplishing their individual and local goals, in a way that helps their community accomplish their goals, in a way that helps the total set of all individuals, families, teams, organizations, and communities accomplish their goals, so that all generations of life can flourish. See Aligning Energy.

Continuously Improving the Program

The activities above should be accomplished within the context of a Meta Process that continuously elevates and improves all aspects of the Program and System.

Continously Improving the Program Statement

The first draft of this Program Statement was approximately 5,000 words.

It should be developed into a far longer and more articulated description in the Lionsberg Plans and Specifications, as well as progressively clarified and shortened into far more clear and concise summaries, which should then be customized and adapted to engage various audiences.

As next steps, the Program Statement should be further clarified and advanced towards Plans and Specifications through:

  • Working sessions on the various topics herein
  • Site visits around the world to review existing and desired conditions, issues, and opportunities

Returning to Intention

The goal of this Meta Project Program Statement was to describe a proposed New System that integrates and elevates all life without exception towards its potential.

The Lionsberg Integrated Delivery Guide goes deeper into the process and methodology through this Intention can be realized.

If the global community chooses to Enact this Program, it will create an unprecedented wave of invaluable regenerative systems, facilities, and infrastructure that will guide and serve generations to come.

These elements and the System guiding them will help create an entirely New Era of meaningful Work, Relationships, and Quality of Life for All.

The architecture of the System is intended to encompass and elevate all aspects of the Human System and the Living System wihtout exception. All elements of the System will be built in a regenerative way that transforms the negative externalities associated with the Old World into a truly synergistic spiral of all life and systems upwards towards the Meta Goal of the Program.

The Core Enterprise will provide oversight of the Meta Project Program Statement to ensure it remains consistent with the Receiver’s Intention and Goal, is updated to reflect learning during design, build and operationalization, and that as-built systems, facilities, and infrastructure comport with the design intent, which is the Highest Intention and Greatest Good for All.

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