0. Introduction

History and Context

In response to the emerging crises and failures of the Old System in the first decades of the new millennium, the development of the Meta Project Program Statement began, and gained steam in 2017.  The effort initially included strategists, designers, planners, programmers, technologists, attorneys, consultants and operations staff from a variety of organizations and viewpoints. It was expanded to include a growing array of perspectives between 2020 and 2022.

During the first two quarters of 2022, an initial group of co-creators was invited to begin implementation of the Lionsberg | Meta Project Program of Action.

This Meta Project is being forged in concert with a The Way/Concepts and Ideas/Meta Game, a Meta Story, and a Meta Community that all share the same Critical Path and Goal.

The Meta Project Program Statement and The Book of Lionsberg are both Works in Progress and are the initial efforts to distill wisdom from around the world and across the millennia, couple it with modern realities and best practices, listen carefully to the global community, and articulate a statement of the programmatic needs and solutions of a fully functional and flourishing New Era self-operated and self-sustained by a free, sovereign and empowered global community.

Why Build Anything At All?

The catalyst for developing this Program of Action was witnessing the sheer amount of unnecessary chaos, suffering, and injustice plaguing the world as we entered the New Millennium, and the prospect of that dysfunction growing progressively worse at increasing rates of speed as new technologies accelerated us along the Old trajectories.

The heart of Goodwill does not want for any to suffer or perish, but for All to flourish.

The obvious recognition was that the same new inbreaking forces that were capable of accelerating us towards increasing ruin, could also be elevated and transformed to change our trajectory, and accelerate All things towards flourishing and abundant life.

The Ethical Imperative

Faced with the reality that new forces were in-breaking that would accelerate All life on earth towards something approximating heaven or hell on earth, a clear ethical imperative emerged to take action and ensure that everything possible was done to steer Vessel: Earth away from the rocks of chaos, and towards its best possible Destiny.


Understanding the moral imperative, the next question was Who was responsible for this.

After surveying the existing institutions of the Old World, it became self-evident that that it was not possible for the Old to produce the New.

Despite many good, heroic people being present in the Old institutions, the structures had in aggregate become so hardened and corrupted that they were not able to transform themselves or move rapidly enough, or in the functional unity that would be required to avoid ruin and accomplish the Goal.

It was also self-evident that the total transformation that was required could not be accomplished by any one organization, institution, or coalition in isolation.

A grand and comprehensive New solution would be required to create a New Era.

When we returned to the question of Who, we discovered that despite being aware of millions of good people working tirelessly and heroicly to make the world a better place, we were unable to find a Place to work on the One Thing that unites us All.

So we resolved to Act As If it were our responsibly, All of us, to forge one, and to ensure that it possessed the actual pragmatic capability required to meet the needs and solve the problems inherent in this moment in history.

What Shall We Build?

Recognizing the ethical imperative to come together and act, and recognizing that we needed to Act As If we were All responsible for the future of life on earth, the question was how to articulate what it was that we needed to do or build together.

What needed to be designed and built was the Best Possible Future for All.

Yet there was nothing on earth capable of doing that, other than individual human beings. Yet those human beings were not capable of accomplishing it in isolation.

It therefore became clear that what needed to be built was a Higher Order Functional Unity and Community among people of Goodwill.

Because that unity could not be accomplished through anything other than voluntary collaboration among sovereign individuals, it was clear that we would need to inspire a global community of Goodwill to design and build itself, so that together we could design and build a better world.

The idea was then clarified to involve two primary elements:

  1. Designing and building a Community, 2) Whose Purpose was to design and build a better world.

A Meta Community engaged in the Meta Project.

Forging a Higher Order Functional Unity

Recognizing that the Community would need to grow into something that was pragmatically capable of succeeding in the Meta Project, the Community needed to consciously design and build itself in such a way that it would be capable of drawing billions of people around the world into Higher Order Functional Unity.

The Community would need to possess the capability of Autopoiesis, the ability to author itself and bring itself into being in the Wise Right Way to accomplish its Purpose and Goal.

An Integrated and Comprehensive Approach

As we brought together lifetimes of experience to evaluate how billions of people might be able to voluntarily arise, self-organize, and work together to accomplish an overarching and uniting Meta Goal, we recognized that the same infrastructure and processes that would need to be forged in order to collaborate, coordinate resources and knowledge, and govern / steer a Community at that scale were identical to systems, structures, processes, and infrastructure that would be required to administer the New Era.

As the Community progressively built the capabilities required to succeed in the Meta Project, it would be leaving in its wake a Common Inheritance of an Integrated System that would continue to equip and empower successive generations to administer the New Era.

This further validated the need for an entirely integrated and comprehensive approach that would simultaneously, through a single Program of Action:

  1. Accomplish the total set of global goals
  2. Solve the total set of grand challenges
  3. Forge the best possible future for All

Developing the Program of Action

At its core, the entire Program of Action would need to be viewed as a single highest order System, that integrated and aligned all other systems, resources, and energy into a functional unity capable of delivering the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals.

The highest order conceptual unity, viewed through the lens of a System, was called the Meta System.

The highest order unity would need to be composed entirely of the voluntary association and collaboration among Sovereign and Autonomous Actors.

This highest level association and collaboration among Sovereign and Autonomous Actors was called the Meta Community.

This meant that the entirety of the Program would have to be accomplished through the Influence and Inspiration of a Community, rather than Command And Control of an organization.

The What of the Program

The What of the Program was therefore clarified to be:

  1. Inspiring a global community of Goodwill
  2. To design and build itself
  3. So that it could in turn:
    1. Accomplish the total set of goal
    2. Solve the total set of problems
    3. Forge the best possible future for All

Said more simply, the What of the Program was to develop the functional unity required to accomplish the Meta Goal, which contains within itself and orders the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals.

Said even more simply, the What of the Program was to accomplish the Goal.

Articulating the Meta Goal

The Meta Goal is the highest overarching and uniting 1. Intention shared by all people of Goodwill.

Said most simply in English, it is (something like) Love.

Said more concretely, it is (something like):

The total integrated development, wellbeing, and right relationship of All generations of Life.

If we Love something, we desire for it to develop into the fullness of its unique Potential and flourish.

If we Love multiple things, we desire for them All to develop into the fullnes of their unique Potentials, and flourish in Harmony.

The Old and the New

As a Word Tool to begin articulating The Gap between our current Reality, and the future Reality we were working to Realize, we developed the simple convention of the Old and the New.

FROM the Old, TO the New.

In the Old World / Old System / Old Game, people competed unnecessarily, waged wars, harmed and exploited One Another for their own benefit, and ground up the weak and the poor between the gears of empires and oligarchies.

This was incompatible with the type of a world in which every being had the opportunity and support to develop into the fullness of its potential and flourish in harmony.

So a New World / New System / New Game was required, and it needed to be be purpose-built to accomplish the Meta Goal.

If We Need Something New, What Should We Aim At?

Recognizing that something New had to be forged, we recognized that the characteristics, features, and design of that New thing should be carefully and consciously chosen.

So we began working towards a set of Lionsberg Plans and Specifications that would begin to articulate, through pictures, diagrams, and words, how the New Era / New Community / New System / New World we were working together to Realize could function and be.

We had to determine a level of Quality of the New to Aim at.

Because whatever we co-created would affect all life and consciousness for all generations to come, we resolved that it would not be loving or ethical to Aim at anything other than the Highest Intention and Greatest Good of which we could currently conceive.

The Gap Revisited

We therefore found our Selves stretched between two unflinching poles:

On one hand the harshest realities and perceived limitations of our present situation...

And on the other the immutable and uncompromising standard of Highest Intention and Potential we were morally compelled to aim at.

The Eternal Gap

Further, we Realized that The Gap would be there eternally, because the better our lives and our world became, the further into the infinite Potential we would see.

We knew this from our own experience, and from the experience of the wisest sages who have universally told us that the farther they traveled along the Way towards the Goal, the more their understanding of the Absolute grew, and the further they realized they were away from it.

A World That Is Already Perfect, And Getting Better Every Day

This led us to remember that the definition and standard of Success is the Progressive Realization of a worthy Goal.

In choosing the Meta Goal, we had literally chosen the single most worthy Goal that we could conceive of.

And in recognizing that the Meta Goal would continously elevate and transform itself as we elevated and transformed our selves and our world, we remembered that we were inherently a few generations working together, in the midst of an eternal stream of generations.

A perfect world would therefore be one in which each generation of life took up the baton, strove together to make it better, and then passed the baton to the next generation, who did the same, at an ever-increasing pace and level of capability.

In other words an already perfect world would continue to get A Little Better Every Day, forever.

A Multi-Generational Program of Action To Make Our Lives And Our World A Little Better Every Day

This Realization resolved the problem of the gap in its entirety.

We realized that every day, we could make the Quality of our understanding of the Highest Intention and Greatest Good a little sharper and better.

We realized that every day, we could make the Quality of our Analysis of our current reality a little sharper and better.

We realized that every day, we could make the Quality of our Plans to advance towards the Goal a little sharper and better.

We realized that every day, we could make the Quality of our Engagement with others a little sharper and better.

We realized that every day, we could make the Quality of our collaborative Action a little sharper and better.

And by wrapping the process of 1) Intention 2) Analysis 3) Engagement 4) Planning and 5) Action in a Meta Process that continuously improved all dimensions, we could Realize a world that already perfect, and getting better every day.

And every day, we would be in the process of elevating, empowering, and equipping the next generation, and passing the baton so they could progress ever-farther in the eternal and universal Quest towards the Goal.

It Begins With Us

The path therefore became clear. Those of us presently on earth had to wake up, arise, transcend the lines that had divided us in the Old World, and Act As If we were individually and collectively responsible to all past and future generations of life to do our absolute best to run this leg of the race with courage and integrity, and then pass the baton.

We would need to do our absolute best as a human species arise, unite, and co-create the best possible future we can, for the multi-generational benefit of All.

And we would need toAct As If the future of all generations of life depended upon our Success, which we had now clearly defined as the progressive realization of the Most Worthy Goal.

But It Is Not For Us, It Is For All

While it begins with us, it is not for us. It is for All.

Because it didn't really begin with us. We are standing under the shade of trees planted by others, moving around the world using infrastructure and technology built by others, articulating these words using language developed and taught to us by others, breathing in oxygen breathed out by others, and living today because God sustained us through the night and allowed us to once again awaken to experience this beautiful and tragic place.

It has been said that virtually every organization, community, or country was started for the benefit of those who founded it.

But it is not so with the Meta Community. If it has not been done before, for the first time in histroy we have the opportunity to truly plant a seed of something New not for our own selfish benefit, in our current time or our current place, but for the true universal benefit of All Life and Consciousness, in All times and All places.

Working in this Way, we transcend the temporal and the local, and we become Co-Creators with God, working in the highest spirit of Love, for the Good of All.

This is the only Way we could All ever possibly accomplish the Highest Intention and Greatest Good.

The DNA present in the seed we plant together by participating in this Program means that the fruit it will eventually bear is already here present with us Today, waiting and longing to emerge in due season.

So how do we Co-Create, plant, and cultivate something New, that contains within itself the DNA that will cause the fruit of the New Era to manifest fo the Good of All?

That is the Question and the Purpose of this Program.

Bringing Intention Into Reality

Perhaps the single oldest profession is building.

As creatively conscious beings, for millennia we have practiced and taught One Another how to Imagine something Better, and progressively bring what we have in our Mind into Reality.

We have learned how to do this with homes, with buildings, with infrastructure, with organizations, with products, with money, with power, with communities, with countries, and in every domain.

Over thousands of years, we have learned a lot.

We have learned how to Imagine things, design them, build them, operate them, and elevate and transform them over time to meet our changing needs.

What if a global community of Goodwill were to apply this same hard-fought Wisdom and Knowledge to Worksite: Earth in its entirety?

That is what this comprehensive Program is all about.

It is entirely possible, and we can show you the Way it can be done.

Co-Creating Something New That Can Inbreak and Displace The Old

The New enters Reality through a Process of Inbreaking and Displacing the Old.

That Process can be Consciously Directed towards any Aim.

Conscious Direction involves intentionally selecting, out of the total set of all possible future things, the one that you desire to Aim at and Cultivate.

Then applying the Current Best Understanding of the Process through which Potential is Realized, or pulled into Reality.

The core of this Program is rooted in Co-Creating the systems, processes, and infrastructure through which a global community of goodwill and realize and align itself to produce throughput of its highest overaching and uniting Goal.

And integrating all those components into a single unified and interoperable Meta System that actually works.

The balance of this Meta Project Program Statement walks through further articulation of What we are bringing into reality, and How it can be done.

For more detail on the How, please see the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery Guide, which goes into more detail on how to construct an Integrated System that produces Throughput of a Goal.

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