Above The Chaos, Why I Am Risking Everything To Build Lionsberg In Service Of The Meta Project

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.10.25 (updated 2022.10.25)

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Hello Friends and Allies,

I know that many people have looked on with confusion over the last 5 years as I transitioned my attention from designing and building infrastructure and organizations, to what certainly has looked to many like Quixotic attempt to inspire a diverse global community to design and build itself, so that together we can overcome the Meta Crisis and co-create the Best Possible Future for All.

6 months into the social experiment we launched in April, we have reached the end of the first season of exploring these concepts in the abstract with a growing network, and arrived back at a fresh point of clarity regarding what comes next.

It seems that what wants to emerge next is a small core group and core system / platform, that operates in service of a diverse and growing "group of groups".

Nearly all the Work required to meet the needs, solve the problems, and forge our future will be done in small groups of 3 to 20 people. Each of these groups will have its own unique language, culture, social norms, mission, and story. It would not be possible or wise to control or manage thousands of groups around the world from above.

And yet if we don't find a way to come together to meet the needs, solve the problems, and capture the opportunities that are at hand in this decade, we may find ourselves overcome by the Chaos of an unprecedented Meta Crisis.

So what is the One Thing that can somehow unite the diverse many into some form of Higher Order Functional Unity that will allow us to succeed, and avoid failure, at this critical point in history?

We Do not Know - But We Have A Starting Point

We do not know, because it hasn't been done before. But we have spent years and brought together lifetimes of wisdom and knowledge from a diverse array of architects, designers, social architects, creatives, attorneys, advisors, coaches, entrepreneurs, builders, economists, thinkers, philosophers, prophets, and technologists to try to search out something that Might Work.

We have come up with a vision, plan, and solution that is a starting point... the Meta Crisis is accelerating...

...and out of Love for the billions of people and trillions of plants and animals that will be impacted by whatever comes next...

...we HAVE TO TRY.

And what we have to try, is to see if we can create an embodied system of human organization, that every human being on earth was invited to take up "citizenship" in, that empowers all human beings and communities to help one another develop towards the fullness of their potential and flourish in harmony.

That first criteria, of a system and way of being that begins and ends with One and All, demands that from the very inception, every decision made and every means employed is made relative to The Goal of a flourishing and reintegrated System of Life that works for All.

Once we have the Starting Point of such a System... incarnated solely to embody this spirit and accomplish this goal... all we have to do is progressively connect people up to the System, and continuously improve the Quality / make the System a little better every day in service of One and All, by prioritizing and responding to the problems and needs that arise in the being and doing of those we serve.

My Hypothesis / Current Best Understanding is that this cannot be accomplished in the abstract or intellectually. It actually has to be accomplished systematically, structurally, and identifiably in an embodied way.

Therefore we would have to create a Starting Point, that was of such high Quality and Faithfulness... that it was able to progressively exchange awareness, recognition, communication, and reciprocal right relationship with all individuals and groups on earth.

The end result would be something like a highest order functional unity among a diverse array of local platforms, groups, solutions, and ecosystems, who co-operated in a spirit of Love and Goodness to lift one another up towards the fullness of their potential.

All beings on earth would need to be invited but not obliged to participate, on the basis of the Value and Potential that we can Realize together, which no individual or locality can Realize in isolation.

It is damn scary to attempt to articulate, name, and embody something like that... however I am growing more and more convinced that the the spirit and consciousness of Love cannot actually prevail upon the earth without embodying itself into a Structure and Form that facilitates and protects its emergence.

We have spent the last 5 bringing together and integrating lifetimes of work into the foundations and starting point of such a System...

...that we have full authority within... and that we can immediately activate... that is entirely self-governing beyond any existing authority or institution on earth... yet can compliantly interface with will all institutions on earth...

...and the mythical name I call it by is Lionsberg.

You have your own Starting Points and groups and things that are within your own immediate sphere of authority and responsibility - let's explore how to bring them into right relationship, and help one another as we each strive to Love and Serve One and All in our own ways.

What is right relationship between you and me? As individuals?

What is right relationship between my domain of authority in Lionsberg and your domains of authority?

What would I and Lionsberg need to provide for you and your projects to be who you are being called to be at this unique moment in history?

What help could you use? How can I best serve?

A Non-Zero Probability of Systems Collapse

This starting point of a clearly defined and universal Intention, Vision, Set of Values, Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals, and presence of hundreds of groups who are already in motion and willing to gradually align and advance towards greater collaboration comes at the same time that evidence is growing that we face a Non-Zero Probability of Systems Collapse on multiple fronts, which could easily shatter the existing order.

While a massive number of voices believe the Old System is so fundamentally broken and corrupted that its collapse is inevitable...

...very few communities on earth are in a position to survive a collapse into Chaos without a level of starvation, suffering, disease, and violence that could easily rise to the level of impacting every family on earth.

I am not predicting when or whether this will occur, because it depends upon us and what we do next.

However if we know that there is a non-zero chance that our families and loved ones could end up in living through some form of collapse of the systems we depend on for our relative level of food, water, social stability, and safety... it would be wise to Act As If that was a possibility, and prepare our Selves and All.

Any system divided against itself will eventually fragment and fall... and our government is divided against itself, our society is divided against itself, our nations are divided against one another, our religions are divided against one another, our ideologies are divided against one another, those elements of society are divided against one another, and the human system is divided against the Living System that contains it and must eternally support it.

What Unites Us All

What unites us all, outside of all those human constructs, is that we are one human species, in one living system, on one planet earth, in one universe, flowing from and returning to one Source, and that as it goes for our planetary systems of life and society, so it goes for us All.

The superpowers of nuclear weapons, the inbreaking technological superweapons that will be far more powerful and dangerous, the increasingly interconnected nature of our supply chains, the borderlessness of pandemics, and basic decency and Love for Life all cry out that it is not possible for any community to flourish in this millennium unless and until all communities flourish.

It seems self evident that if we can not get moving towards a shared Vision and Goal, in accordance with our universal Wisdom, Principles, and Values, we are fragmented, and therefore doomed to unnecessary failure and suffering.

Immediately at hand are every relationship, resource, and technology that is required to forge a future for All that is better than it has been for any throughout the vast majority of history.

Within our generation, it is absolutely possible for us to forge a world in which every being on earth has not only enough, but enough to climb the ladders of infrastructure that we co-create towards their destiny, which in the end is our destiny.

Within our generation, it is also absolutely possible that we stay fragmented, exploit and war with ever more powerful weapons, and thereby inflict on our selves and all living beings the kind of hell that it is always possible for us to co-create.

What Is Immediately At Hand And Actionable

What is immediately at hand and actionable for me if the invaluable store of resources, wisdom, technology, knowledge, and relationships that I and my network have at hand, and a Lionsberg System purpose-built to help all who are impelled by the spirit to move in service of Life to rise up towards a higher order functional unity.

This voice always feels like one crying out in the wilderness...

Yet even the rocks and stones are beginning to cry out...

All creation is groaning and straining under the oppressions and injustices we have thrust upon her...

And so we press onward, hoping and praying that we can reach her in time, liberate her from her suffering, and restore the Proper Order that integrates us as we All advance towards our One universal and eternal Meta Goal.

This might not work, but until we can see another way, we must keep trying and never give up.

My next steps are to forge a core group to help me continuously improve Lionsberg's capability to ever more powerfully Love, Serve, meet needs, solve problems, and help all other things advance towards our highest overarching and uniting shared Goal.

With this capacity, we will reach out to establish relationship with 5 to 20 other groups that are also advancing towards the Goal. We will listen carefully, and then leverage our network to do our best to love, help, and serve in the most pragmatic and powerful ways we can.

I don't pretend to know what it is that you need right now, and I don't pretend to be able to help, but I would be greatly honored if you would be willing to allow us to hear from you.

~ J

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