Above The Chaos, The Story I Am Telling My Self About Where We Are, Where We Are Going, And Why It Matters So Damn Much

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.10.26 (updated 2022.10.26)

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Hello Friends and Allies,

I would like to illuminate and make visible the invisible Story I am telling my self Self about Where We Are, How We Got Here, Where We Are Going, and Why it matters so damn much that I am willing to risk my life, finances, and reputation to try to publicly figure out how to do "this".

At this moment in history, as more and more of humanity wakes up to the Meta Crisis, and war, famine, plague, and death continue their march, I wonder how valuable it is to humanity to have what we are co-creating?

What we have at hand is something like:

  1. A strategy for a comprehensive Meta Solution to the Meta Crisis.
  2. An approximate understanding of the Critical Path.
  3. $10M to $20M of directly-applicable research and validation from leading experts in AEC on how to implement.
  4. A mathematical model that proves the strategy could work within 7 years.
  5. A provisional structure sufficient to begin immediately and transparently steward all Value created for the good of All.
  6. 5 years of purpose-specific pre-planning, infrastructure construction, and wise council from an abundance of counselors.
  7. 6 months of concentrated weekly vetting by a wise council of 10 to 20 wonderful people.
  8. Multiple un-cancellable technology platforms run by allies actually capable of delivering the knowledge, wisdom, solutions, and prototypes to 8 billion people.
  9. Vetting and validation of the technology platform(s) by over 170 organizations in 17 countries.
  10. Oversight and review from representatives of multiple religious and indigenous wisdom traditions.
  11. 5 to 12 wise, thoughtful, talented people willing to form a core team, guide, and serve the distributed network.
  12. A distributed and pre-vetted network of over 100 groups and networks from around the world that could be progressively rallied to participate as social proof and resources develop.
  13. Someone willing to be publicly responsible and accountable for the success or failure of all.
  14. The Value we created in the last 6 months - see 2022.Q2 Presentation of Value Creation and 2022.Q3 Presentation of Value Creation.

The world may reject it, all we have worked towards and risked everything for may be deemed inadequate, I may be deemed inadequate, but we continue to be unaware of any other truly comprehensive and immediately implementable strategy, plan of action, structure, process, people, and technology that MIGHT ACTUALLY WORK in the AMOUNT OF TIME AVAILABLE.

I believe with every ounce of my being that if we can get powerfully resourced and move powerfully, billions of people will avoid tremendous unnecessary suffering, and humanity could choose to "jump over" the collapse into Chaos that may otherwise may be at hand, into a New Era that can be superior in every way to the past we are leaving behind.

Where We Are

The story I am telling myself about where we are:


We are likely somewhere between 0 and 5% into a meta crisis, that if it unfolds how I think it might would reshape all pillars of life as we thought we knew it by around 2030.

There is a non-zero probability that if the patterns of history repeat themselves, in a more profound and amplified way, humanity could be visited by the proverbial four horsemen of the apocalypse, famine, plague, war, and death, who nearly always travel together.

This is not a prediction or a forecast, but rather probability based thinking based on the patterns we are seeing - and the probability of such a systematic collapse is no zero.

Simultaneously as we stand at the brink of a hell we co-create for ourselves and future generations, we also stand at the brink of the greatest opportunity on earth to create a future for all that can be better than it has ever been for any in the past.

In the meantime, our brothers and sisters around the world are, today, being killed by war, killed by plague, killed by famine, and swallowed up by excess death and displacement.

Lionsberg | Meta Project

We are at the closing of Season One, and the opening of Season Two.

At the close of a season, we honor indigenous, religious, and scientific wisdom by taking time to reflect, mourn if necessary, assess, rebalance, exit from one distinct space, and enter another distinct space.

The energy is wobbly for many reasons, not least of which is that we haven't done this before, we haven't invited deeper commitment, we are still uncertain what it is that we are committing to, and the Potential and Goodness of this is facing into vast and powerful forces.

Season Two invites us to move from our last 6 months of learning, evaluating, discerning, revealing, and experimenting, into quick-iterative building mode.


I am coming out of a month of agonizingly deep processing and navigating with tremendous relief and disbelief at how perfect and valuable what has emerged is.

I am also feeling intensely raw under the scrutiny of trying to hold space openly for that which must occur next, including the feelings, emotions, and uncertainty for everyone involved.

I am as deeply connected as I have ever been, I feel total clarity on what can be done next to move things forward in a small way towards The Goal, and I am having to summon the deepest courage I ever have to continue advancing into the unknown.

I am also nearing the end of my resources, and ready for One and All to accept or reject my humble offering to serve and fight this battle if it is helpful and of service.

How We Got Here


See books such as The Lessons History, The Dawn of Everything, The Book of Lionsberg.

Lionsberg | Meta Project

Jordan woke up on earth, thought about this from about 12 to 32, spent 5 years planning and building infrastructure for it with wise counselors and co-creators, had his heavy civil company and net worth destroyed by the collision of his naïveté will That Which Corrupts Church And State, in 2022 submitted the plans, structure, and technology to the Force For Good (that you) for review... and following a 6 month exploration and review composed of four 6-week learning cycles, closed Season One because it was time to build...

...and invited the Force For Good into Season Two.

Where We Are Going

What happens next is that humanity is going to progressively awaken, arise, and unite to confront and overcome the existential threats facing us, and forge the Best Possible Future for All.

That is going to happen next, because it must. I refuse to believe that humanity will choose for its children and grandchildren to be thrust into hell on earth, and will choose to co-create heaven on earth instead.

Why It Matters

It feels almost ridiculous based on what I perceive is coming to answer this question. It matters because there is a choice between the heaven or hell on earth we could co-create for ourselves over the coming 7 years.

It has been a rough last couple years, and from where we are today it is possible to make it much, much worse.

It is also possible to make it much, much better. Unimaginably better.

What Is Needed For Next Steps

I still have more to give, however the offering is complete enough and the timing is short enough that it is time to resource this plan and scale it up dramatically.

It is a multi-billion dollar plan of action.

Lionsberg of the Flow to build culture, community, and shared infrastructure.

The rest will flow through to the distributed network of sovereign autonomous teams and groups around the world.

What is needed next are three things:

  1. Resourcing and runway for core team(s) and infrastructure, and pilot projects - if I were humanity and was already spending ~ $500 Billion on charity and trillions on ineffective government, I would redirect 10% of that to this effort. As an opener, I would drop $20M to $100M on it immediately through the Lionsberg 501(c)(3).
    1. Of that - $5M would be directed to the Core Team and Infrastructure Fund.
    2. Balance would be directed to the Impact Fund(s)
  2. 5 to 12 of those involved to join me in Lionsberg to begin continuously improving the platform and community as servants to All
  3. 5 to 20 groups for Alpha phase to help us test and improve the System

What Is Your Story?

That is my Story. What is your story?

In Service of One and All,

~ J

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