Provisional Declaration

This is a living document that is a Work In Progress.

It is updated in the Lionsberg Manifesto.


In our quest towards a better future, humanity and life on earth are facing an unprecedented complex of challenges and opportunities.

We are confronted by:

1.    A total set of Grand Challenges to solve

2.    A total set of Global Goals to accomplish

3.    A mutual desire and ethical imperative to forge the Best Possible Future for All


These imperatives call for creative and coordinated action at unprecedented scale.


Yet at the very moment when we most need to work together, emergent solutions are hindered and society is inflamed by polarization, division, and unnecessary competition between us.

This division and dysfunction is exacerbated by those abusing the positions and power we have entrusted to them, and by the crippling corruption plaguing our economic, governance, social, and religious systems.


These threats to our future loom ever larger as new tools and technology are leveraged to accelerate us along the wrong trajectories.


What got us to this point is insufficient to get us to where we want to go.


This demands the emergence of something massive, positive, and good that inspires the hope and courage that cause people to rise.

The only force on earth capable of meeting this moment in history is a higher order and more perfect union among people of goodwill at the individual and local level, connected around the world.

This higher functional unity must be forged such that it is actually capable of meeting the needs, solving the problems, and accomplishing the goals we face.


While millions of people around the world recognize these realities, there is a gap between what ought to be, and what is.


We are coming together to inspire a global community community of goodwill to design and build itself, so that together we can design and build a better world.

Purpose: The Lionsberg | Meta Project is a working prototype designed to bring our highest shared intention into reality.

Intention: Our intention is to create a place, system, and structure where we can work together to accelerate local progress towards our highest overarching and uniting goals and values.

Goal: Our Goal is the total integrated wellbeing, development, and right relationship of all generations of life.

Process: Our process is to connect and empower a community / network / federation of individuals, organizations, and communities to "pull" our total nested hierarchy of goals into reality.

Mission: Our mission is to progressively realize The Goal by serving, connecting and empowering individuals, organizations, and communities around the world.

Vision: Our vision is a thriving and abundant world in which every being has the opportunity to develop into the fullness of their potential and flourish in harmony. It is a world that is becoming more perfect every day because we are working together to make it so.

Values: We stand firmly upon the timeless shared values held by all people of goodwill, including Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, and Wisdom, more fully reflected in the The Lionsberg System of Values, and unified by the Supreme Value of the Creator.

It is anticipated that this Provisional Declaration will complexify itself over time into a Provisional Constitution.