A Constitution outlines the foundational Principles and Processes through which a Group is to Govern its Self.


Each Individual, Group, and Community must honor and uphold the highest overarching and uniting Constitution. See Provisional Declaration and Provisional Constitution.

The Lionsberg Constitution should be incorporated by reference into each individual, group, and community constitution.


The Constitution may not be changed except by 85% supermajority vote of each of the following groups:

  1. All members
  2. The Stewardship Circles of each of the member organizations and communities


Each Individual, Circle, Organization, and Community in the System is encouraged to localize, adapt, and adopt their own unique Constitution in alignment with the Lionsberg Constitution.


Formal constitutions are often preceded by Provisional Declarations that hold space and unite the Circles until such a time as a Constitution can be developed.

A typical sequence might be:

  1. Assenting to the Lionsberg Constitution
  2. Issuing a Local Declaration
  3. Developing a Local Constitution

Template For Assent
Template For Declaration
Template For Constitution
Provisional Declaration