The Way

There is no Way around it. The root cause of all the unnecessary corruption, suffering, and injustice is our Way of Being as a human species on planet earth.

The only Way to transform suffering, and accomplish our uniting Meta Goal, is to transform our Way of Being.

When our Way of Being is spiraling us down towards failure, it is wise to transform our Way.

When we transform our Way, we transform our Trajectory.

We we transform our Trajectory, we transform our Destiny.

It is the Way we attain a future that is as close to heaven as possible, and avoid a future that is something like hell.

The good news is that in partnership with One and One Another, we can change our Way.

This page is a Work In Progress meant to progressively grow out into a comprehensive New Way of Being that, if Operationalized, can cause us to progressively rise towards the fullness of our Potential and flourish in harmony with One and All.

This can be done by integrating and aligning our Selves, our families, our teams, our groups, our organizations, our communities, and the total community of communities in a Way that creates Throughput of our overarching and uniting Goals and Values.

Our Way of Being must comprehensively grapple with and address all elements of life and society, at every fractal level without exception.

Until we have something better in place, here are some starting points that begin to articulate and weave together our Current Best Understanding of the Way:

Intention, Vision, and Goal

Without a shared intention, vision, and goal, it will be impossible to align our Selves and move together.

Individual Resources

Team / Group / Organization Resources

Community Resources

System Resources

Concepts and Ideas