Your Story

For opening guidance on how to articulate and align Your Story, please see The Power of Today. It is a short read, so we would recommend that you dive into it to get a broader and more beneficial context that leads Your Story into a Team, a Community, and a Daily Practice.

If you want to skip directly to the content on Story, start with 3.0 Story. It will begin to contextualize how Your Story and Our Story fit with the Meta Story of the Universe.

If you want to skip to any of those sections directly, please see:

3.1 Your Story
3.2 The Meta Story
3.3 Our Story

If you are simply looking for guidance on how to articulate Your Story, you can jump straight to:

3.4 Writing Your Story

  1. How has your life story intersected with the grand challenges and opportunities facing humanity?
  2. What values, goals, and visions do you hold for yourself and the world?
  3. How can you align your personal story with the Meta Story and the New Vision and Plan for humanity?
  4. How can you use your unique talents and skills to contribute to the rising movement and the Quest for a better future?
  5. What are your biggest struggles and challenges, and how can you find support and resources to overcome them?
  6. How can you connect with others who are on a similar journey and form a support network for each other?
  7. How can you use your personal story to inspire others to join the Quest and make a positive impact in the world?