3.4 Writing Your Story

Over time, we will create additional infrastructure to help You articulate, pay Attention to, and Continuously Improve Your Story.

For now, the important thing to do is to draw it up out of depths of Your Soul and write it down.

It is time to Make The Implicit Explicit, and Make The Unconscious Conscious.

To begin, in whatever structured place you like to write and organize notes, spend time responding to the following prompts:

Your Story

Who Are You?

Where Are You? Not geographically, but in Your Quest?

Where Are You Going? What is the Goal of Your Journey here on Earth?

How Did You Get Here? Both to Earth, and to Where You Are on Your Quest?

  • Where on Earth, and into what circumstances did You find Your Self thrown?
  • What are Your earliest memories of the circumstances into which Your Consciousness awakened?
  • The stories of our history typically unfold in identifiable Epochs. If you were to break Your life history down into 5 to 10 major Epochs of Time, what would they be?
  • What were the most memorable, impactful, and defining Experiences from each Epoch?
  • How did those experiences shape and form You?
  • What Stories are You telling Your Self about what happened to You?


  • Why are You where You are?
  • Why are You doing what You are doing?
  • Why are You going where You are going?

The Meta Story

Follow the same prompts above for human species collectively.

How does Your Story fit into and align with the Meta Story?

What is Your unique Purpose and Role in the Meta Story?

We know that most will answer "I don't know", but if you did know, what might the answer be? What is Your unique function in the Whole?

Their Story

Follow the same prompts above for those you consider as "others", "enemies", or "foreign" to you.

What Story are You telling Your Self about Who They Are?

What Story do You think They are telling them Selves about You?

How does each of the Stories fit into the Meta Story?

What do you think God sees looking from from the Highest Perspective?

Aligning Stories

How does Your Story and Our Story Align with the Meta Story?

Why did We meet? How did We meet? What were the series of events that allowed us to meet?

What do You think We are meant to do together?

How do We rightly and reciprocally relate to One Another?

Was there a Purpose for Us coming into Relationship? Does it matter to the Plot of the Meta Story?

If so, Why?

Is vs. Ought

There is more within You than You could possibly imagine. Longing to emerge.

There is more within Us that We could possibly imagine. Longing to emerge.

There is a chasm between what currently is, and what ought to be.

And what ought to be is the fullness of Our Potential.

Regardless of who You are today, who do You think that You might be capable of becoming?

Regardless of who We are today as a human species, who do You think that We might be capable of becoming?

Regardless of who We are today as a Community, who do You thin that We might be capable of becoming?

Regardless of what You have aimed at in the past, what do You think You ought to be aiming at? What is the Highest Intention and Greatest Good of which You can presently conceive?

If We were starting over, knowing all that We have come to knoow, what Would we do?

If We could recouple all of our hard fought present capabilities and maturity with the more pure childlike Faith we have ever glimpsed, what might be possible?

How high might We be able to go?

Recognizing that what is possible is beyond Our ability to ask or imagine it, what is the highest thing We ought to Aim at?

Are We willing to take the risk of aiming that high?

What happens if we aim as high as We possibly can, and fall short?

Lastly, think back to your most formative and vulnerable childhood years.

Return to that time, and return to that mind.

What did it feel like?

After spending some time trying to really go back and experience the feeling of Your youth, and complete the following sentence:

"In order to be loved and appreciated, I must (fill in the blank)."

Don't judge the answer that comes up. If you need to cry, cry.

Next, we will begin to discover how we can transform our Story in order to transform our lives and our world.

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