3.5 Transforming Your Story

We mentioned that there is a very unique property of Your Story, which is that it does not exist anywhere in Reality except for in Your Mind.

Think about that.

Everything You just wrote down... Everything that You articulated... Everything that You have experienced... Everything You are telling Your Self about what those experiences meant...

Everything You are telling Your Self about Who You Are, Where You Are Going, What You must do to be loved and accepted...

All of those things exist only in Your Mind.

The amazing secret is that because Your Story is not objectively True, and because it only exists in Your Mind, YOU have the absolute Authority and Capability to change any parts of it that are not as perfectly True and Ennobling as they could be.

So what parts of Your Story should be elevated and transformed?

What things are You telling Your Self that are limiting how high You can rise?

What elements of Your Story are limiting how high You can Aim?

What if all You needed to do to be Loved and Accepted was to simply dare to risk becoming the fullness of who God uniquely created You to be?

Are You willing to take the risk of Becoming who You are destined to Be?

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