0.2 Introduction


We are glad you are here.

This is a set of plans and specifications for Worksite: Earth.

It is intended to guide the total program of human action on Earth necessary to:

  1. Solve the total set of Grand Challenges
  2. Accomplish the total set of Global Goals
  3. Forge the Best Possible Future for All

While this may seem impossible, abstract, or overwhelming, it is actually extremely pragmatic and achievable.

A thousand individuals and organizations have articulated this understanding in a thousand different ways. The simple bottom line is that we are all part of a global Meta Crisis whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. A Meta Crisis is going to require an unprecedented Meta Project to confront and overcome it.

This set of plans and specifications is written to help guide the understanding of all human beings in what we are here on earth to accomplish together, and how to play thier unique role in the Universal and Eternal Meta Project that encompasses and unites us All.

If you feel lost or overwhelmed, do not worry. That is perfectly normal. We will will our best to make it easy for you to articulate Your Story, choose and align Your Aim, Forge Or Join A Team, and get moving towards your potential in your unique area of passion and genius, all without sacrifing your unique Identity, Sovereignty, and Autonomy.

We are deeply grateful that you have chosen to partner with humanity in service of the One Highest Intention and Greatest Good. Welcome to Worksite: Earth.

For more information on the Genesis and Context of this project, please see Meta Project Program Statement and The Book of Lionsberg.