0.4 The Meta Story

This is a Work In Progress that approximates Where We Are, How We Got Here, Where We Are Going, and Why it Matters.


Humanity has made tremendous progress over the past few centuries.

From science and technology to infrastructure, new advancements have allowed us to double the average human lifespan, establish global systems and infrastructure, and connect with one another in ways we never thought possible.


Yet many of the hastily erected structures of Economy, Government, and Society are pushing humanity and the Living System to the brink.

The very systems we stood up to solve our most pressing threats in previous centuries are now creating an entirely new class of existential threats. These complex, interrelated crises threaten to grow exponentially as we accelerate technology, a science, and industry along these same paths.

Increasingly, we are coming to understand that what appear to be discrete crises are really all symptoms of a far deeper Meta Crisis.

It is becoming apparent that an unprecedented Meta Crisis demands an unprecedented Meta Solution.

International and National Efforts

At this unique moment in history when we need to work together to solve these crises and forge a better future, we find ourselves in a highly fragmented and dysfunctional social and political environment.

The public has largely lost faith in transparency and accountability of our elected officials and political parties, with only 1 in every 3 or 4 citizens around the world believing we are heading in the right direction.

The institutions and leadership that we have looked to in the past have failed to forge the functional unity that is required to succeed, and avoid failure, in the face of these issues.

Local and Private Sector Efforts

Against this backdrop, local governments, individuals, and organizations are spending trillions of dollars and volunteering billions of hours each year in attempts to address these problems.

Yet despite the heroic efforts of individuals and organizations around the globe, many of these efforts are running inefficiently in parallel, focused on the symptoms rather than the root causes, hopelessly divided, and lacking the coordination and transparency needed to achieve the true systemic transformation that is required.

In isolation, we all lack the total resources, relationships, and true transformational power needed to tranform the deepest Root Causes.

What Got Us Here, Will Not Get Us There

It is clear that what got us here, will not get us to where we want to go. No increased amount of what we are currently doing will ever result in the kind of world we all desire.

Together, We Can Achieve Great Things

History has shown us that when we work together, we can achieve seemingly impossible things.

We have built cities, roadways, and technology that have transformed every aspect of culture and commerce.

Whether it is building infrastructure, sending a rover to Mars, or eradicating a disease, success at this scale requires world class coordination, logistics, and training.

The Imperative

Confronting and overcoming the total set of Grand Challenges, accomplishing the total set of Global Goals, and forging a flourishing New World will require no less.

It will require an overarching and uniting story, intention, philosophy, structure, and Way of being, operationalized at scale and powerful enough to vanquish the existential threats that are stalking us, liberate the people and resources they hold captive, and forge therefore the New Era that is better in every way than the one we are leaving behind.

It Is All At Hand

Everything that we need to know in order to succeed and avoid failure at this critical juncture is alive within us. Waiting. Longing to be realized. It has been perpetually spoken by the guiding Spirit that lays the Golden Thread through the universe, history, and consciousness. It has been confirmed by a thousand messengers, and articulated in the dogma of a thousand institutions. Yet it has been lost and ignored to our peril.

If we simply listen and heed the eternal voice, and allow it to guide us in the eternal Way, an entirely New and regenerating world will in-break and emerge in all its fullness.

Perfect, And Getting Better Every Day

It will be already perfect, and getting better every day, because we are all striving together to make it so.

The next step is to begin to weave Your Story into the Meta Story, and set your feet on the path towards The Goal.

Your Quest begins Here.

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