0.5 Attribution

This message flows from the same Spirit that has articulated these eternal Principles and Truths in countless languages , through countless messengers throughout history.

They are not our thoughts. We did not think them up. They have progressively revealed themselves over millennia, and are now simply impressing themselves once again upon us All.

We hereby attribute all ideas to progressively enlightening Consciousness, and to the Source from which consciousness flows. Because we are not taking credit for these ideas, and because we are attempting only to articulate what the eternal Spirit speaks, and because nearly every voice we could cite has been co-opted, distorted, categorized, and would be rejected on face value by some portion of a human species beset by deception and propaganda, we have very deliberately chosen not to attempt to trace the threads back through the many voices involved in their progressive revelation.

We have very deliberately chosen to speak from the voice of the Spirit that is the Source of our ability to consciously grapple with these existential issues, and to stand on no Authority other than the universal Meta Authority and Truth Itself.

This liberates us from the bondage of institutional and historical dogma, and frees us to wrestle with and speak our Current Best Understanding of all that is True, even as we understand that It will forever remain beyond the horizon of our ability to Perceive and Articulate it.

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