8.5 Taking Sides And Assigning Blame In The Past

When searching out Truth and Wisdom, there are few things as foolish to do as to criticize, take sides, or assign blame in the past.

We have no idea what the Reality of the situationĀ  was centuries or millennia ago, or what internal and external forces and context drove different actors in the cosmic drama to say or do the things they did or said. Everything that has been handed down to us has been handed down through the tainted lens of the one who told the story.

Even worse, powers have risen and fallen, books and libraries have been burnt, disciples have been tortured and burnt at the stake, followers have been exiled or forced to flee, and the Truth has been viciously and intentionally obscured and suppressed to fit the narratives and intentions of rising and falling powers and agendas.

All we have are the books that were handed to us, by the parties that handed them to us, mixed up with the whispers and occasional discoveries that make it absolutely certain to us that We Do Not Know, that we do not have the complete picture, and that there must be more.

Think back through all the imperial rulers who have served as the custodians of the ancient teachings, books, and orders. Think of all the ways that religious, philosophical, and political orders have been intertwined and mixed up into all forms of unholy alliance offer the millennia.

We know that in every part of the world, the faithful and their books have been rounded up and burned because the Truth they contain is incompatible with the existing order.

In most cases, a version has been passed down to us, often sealed by the stamp of empire as the authoritative / orthodox / dogmatic / only true version.

That game is over. That narrative is dead. Light is shining in on the darkness around the world, and we can all see.

The orthodox and dogmatic has completely lost its credibility as Absolute.

Recognizing therefore that the interpretations of history, its figures, and its teachings are at best the flawed perspective of whoever passed the information on, and in addition have also undergone centuries of intentional and unintentional misinterpretation and distortion, it is therefore our responsibility, as Sovereign Individuals to see if we can identify and follow the Golden Thread towards Wisdom and Truth, for it is Wisdom and Truth that can point the Way towards our Best and Highest Destiny.

The exposition that follows is best thought of art rather than science or history. It is best thought of as a narrative tapestry to pull together some important threads into a coherent Story that might be able to teach us something, so that we might be able to understand what might actually work or not work as we seek to face into the unknown together, and call forth the Best Possible Future we can discern.

They are threads to follow and investigate on your own, not dogmatic truths to cling onto.

There are no dogmatic truths in the Way.

There is only One Truth, One Reality, One Way, and it is something that we navigate towards but never reach; it is something that we apprehend but never comprehend. It is something always beyond our grasp.

These writings are merely here to orient us far enough along the Way to where we can begin to apprehend the gestalt of history, so that we can begin to apprehend the gestalt of the future, so that we can perhaps begin to apprehend the gestalt of the present, in order to discover the Wisdom, Truth, and Patterns Of Action that can lead us towards Heaven On Earth, and away from Hell On Earth.

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