The Invitation

v.0.4 January 2024

In the face of the present Meta Crisis, we are assembling for the purpose of:

  1. Confronting and overcoming the grand challenges
  2. Accomplishing our goals and values
  3. Forging the Best Possible Future for All.

We recognize that no individual, group, or locality can succeed in these objectives in isolation. It is therefore necessary to forge some kind of Higher Order Functional Unity among the forces of Goodwill that is actually capable of meetings the needs and solving the challenges at hand.

We envision a freely independent, self-governing, self-sustaining, and self-replicating Group Of Groups, co-operating around the world as One Citizenship Under God towards our shared Goals and Values.

To enable progress towards this Aim, over the last 7 years Jordan and a network of allies have co-created a platform of empowering resources, infrastructure, systems and technology through Lionsberg.

The next step is to invite a growing wave of citizens to forge or join self-governing small groups to learn The System and begin progressing together towards The Goal.

If you resonate and would like to Join Us, email or visit Jordan's Website and Join The Movement.

Onward Towards The Goal,

~ J

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