Introduction To Integrated Delivery

This guide exists to empower humanity to solve our global challenges and design and build a flourishing New World. On time. On budget. On quality. For the benefit of All.


This Lionsberg Integrated Delivery Guide outlines leading thinking from the architecture, engineering, and construction industry on how to merge thousands of years of industry experience with modern lean and agile methodologies developed through manufacturing and technology, into a new paradigm of Lean Integrated Delivery.

It explains how this methodology can be used to unite a global community of sovereign individuals, organizations, institutions and communities into a functional and coherent Group Of Groups working together to transparently and effectively solve the problems we are facing and forge the better future we all desire.

It explains how this effort can leave in it’s a wake a Common Inheritance of infrastructure, systems, ideas, culture, and technology that can empower humanity and the entire living system towards a future that is better in every way than the past we are leaving behind.

It is intended as part of the The Lionsberg Handbook which lays out other critical elements of the Lionsberg System, including structure, governance, culture, and values.

In places, this document may feel a bit awkward, because it is written over a technical base document that represents tens of millions of dollars of thought and effort towards a specific goal.

The underlying technical work was commissioned and paid for by the US Federal Government in partnership with the State of California in order to determine the leading edge thought and process for setting up seven billion dollar programs of action under a single Lean Integrated Program Delivery umbrella. It outlines the concept of a system so off track, that the court ordered a Receiver to take control of it, and create a coordinated program of action to get it back on track. Sounds a bit like our world.

When the global economy collapsed in 2009, the project was shelved, and the document never reached the public domain. However, because it was paid for federal and state government through a court ordered process, it was not copyrighted and was free to be adapted, modified and used. Members of our coalition that participated in its inception made it available to us as a baseline.

Through extensive research, we had previously identified a hypothesis that an elevated and adapted version of Lean Integrated Program Delivery would be the most appropriate and proven methodology to:

  1. Solve the total set of Grand Challenges
  2. Accomplish the total set of Global Goals
  3. Design and build the Best Possible Future for All.

As we began to articulate the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System, our friends alerted us that tens of millions of dollars and many years had been invested into this system, and that it was available for our use and adaptation.

We therefore used it as a starting point.

What is presented in this Delivery Guide is not a “project” – it is an Integrated Delivery System designed to bring Intention Into Reality at scale in massively complex environments.

Holding the keys to such a system, what shall we Aim it at?

There is only One answer, and that is The Goal.


Once we select the single highest overarching and uniting Meta Goal, and articulate the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals it contains and orders within itself...

...and once we analyze and understand our current reality, and all the existing forces and conditions bearing upon it...

...The Gap that opens up in our minds begins to illuminate the total Program of Action required to transform FROM what currently is, TO the better and higher future state that is intended.

The next step is then to transform this total program of action into a Goal Delivery System, purpose built to create Throughput of the Meta Goal.

By forging a higher order system that integrates the underlying resources, action, and energy into a functional unity purpose built to accomplish the Goal, we dramatically elevate the probability of success.

If we design and build it properly, this Integrated Delivery System will be capable of aligning a limitless number of sovereign individuals, organizations, and communities into a higher order functional unity that is capable of solving the greatest challenges facing life on earth, and forging a flourishing New World out of the threats and obstacles that stand in our way.

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