Above The Chaos, My Current Best Understanding November 2022

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.11.25 (updated 2022.11.25)

A post in Above The Chaos.

Esteemed Friend,

My Current Best Understanding of Where We Are:

We are in the opening stages of a battle for the future of life and society.

That battle must be won individually in the hearts and minds of each of 8 billion plus humans, and collectively.

New forces and superpowers beyond our current conception are in-breaking and will transform every aspect of life and society.

The Old institutions are corrupted and incapable of meeting this moment in history.

Therefore something New is required.

My Current Best Understanding of Where We Are Going:

We are heading towards a New era of peace, abundance and prosperity that can be better for All of us than it has been for any of us in the past.

With AI and New technologies, how good things can get is limited only by our ability to imagine and work together towards our Universal Goals and Values.

For this to occur, these new technologies and capabilities need to be in the hands of free and empowered individuals and small groups co-operating for the good of humanity, and not concentrated in the hands of centralized and corrupt big business / big politics / big government.

My Current Best Understanding of What Happens Next:

A growing wave of humanity awakens, arises, and unites to solve the grand challenges, accomplish the global goals, and forge the Best Possible Future for All.

This follows a tipping point movement of a self-sustaining, self-replicating group of groups functioning independently of the Old systems and structures.

My Current Best Understanding of How We Are Going To Get There:

In the concrete / personal domain that I have been entrusted with, what is within my ability to immediately do is to see if I can transform my network, resources, infrastructure, and technology into a Movement.

To attempt this, I am inviting those in my network to:

  1. Forge or join a group on the backbone technology platform that we co-created.
  2. Spread the Word and Begin Self-Replicating the Groups
  3. Help fuel the movement with time, attention, and resources.

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