Above The Chaos, The Lionsberg Alliance

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.04.26 (updated 2024.04.26)

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The Lionsberg Strategy and Plan makes reference to The Lionsberg Alliance.

Recognizing that All Creation is One Body, it is self-evident that All Humanity is designed to co-operate as One Family.

The boundaries, alliances, and propagandistic narratives established by and during the Post WWII American Order have accelerated an ongoing build-up of tensions that are dramatically increasing the Existential Threat of an Apocalyptic AI and Nuclear World War III / IV.

The Lionsberg Strategy and Plan proposes a New Alliance that better reflects the New Covenant, New Vision and Plan, and New Era we are progressing towards.

The Old alliances are surficially pitting the United States and NATO against against China / Russia / Iran, while corrupting and arming proxies around the world and enabling The Giants to grind up the poor and developing populations between the gears of their machinations.

This configuration is highly inefficient, as well as ultimately suicidal and ecocidal, as any House or System Divided Against Itself Cannot and Will Not Stand. Indeed, it is already crumbling. It is reflective of the corrupted and failing Invisible Power Structures, and not the will and intention of Us, The People.

As an alternative to the eventual suffering and death of 2/3 to 3/4 of the human population under this arrangement as more and more powerful tools and technologies are weaponized against One Another and our Planet, we are proposing a New Alliance and a New Covenant as part of the 10 Year Grand Strategy.

The Lionsberg Alliance would be enacted simultaneously and voluntarily from the Bottom Up.

Universal ceasefire and security guarantees, coupled with referenda and reorganization as required to ensure that every tribe, tongue, and people has a free, secure, and self-sovereign place to call home, would enable the resolution of simmering geopolitical and ideological conflicts, and the Progressive Disarmament / transformation FROM Weaponry TO Livingry proposed in The Lionsberg Strategy and Plan.

The Lionsberg Alliance is being forged from the Bottom Up as Citizens around the world, of their free will and volition, voluntarily arise, unite, and Join The Movement. When critical masses in any tribe or nation are reached, the people of that Time and Place can voluntarily, if they so choose, exercise the levers of local Self Governance to formally federate their existing localities and institutions into The Alliance, thereby obtaining the social, security, economic, and governance commitments of The Allies.

These universal security guarantees among members of The Alliance will further pave the way for Peacemaking missions in any domains that voluntarily request such support, to deal with any requisite liberation from Chaos, Tyranny, or Oppression and reestablish Proper Order.

After establishing Peace in any domain, The Lionsberg Alliance will then be able to serve and empower the locality in its localization and adaptation of The Lionsberg Strategy and Plan to address the root causes of Chaos, Conflict, Division, Poverty, Hopelessness, or Fear, and pave the Way towards a flourishing and abundant future.

This would include training and developing local leaders as part of The First Three Percent, alongside development financing for the Community Hubs and Local Hubs that would in turn engage the rest of the local individuals and families in the Quest to help one another meet the needs, solve the problems, and accomplish the goals that enable all beings to develop towards the fullness of potential and flourish in harmony.

Such a New Alliance would be impossible during the 10 Year Grand Strategy if it had to be negotiated and agreed to by The Giants and the Invisible Power Structures puppeting the Visible Power Structures of the Old World. Fortunately however, it does not. We The People can voluntarily Join The Movement, stand together billions strong around the world, and forthrightly work together to cause it to be so. Some of us may be jailed and killed by the corrupt, blind, and failing power structures, but our blood, sweat, and tears are a small and worthy sacrifice to avert the suffering and death of billions in the inevitable collapse of the Old World that is passing away, and to secure the Best Possible Future for All.

Join The Movement.

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