8.38 The Battle For The Culture And Integrity Of Society

There is a view of Society that says that we ought to voluntarily arise into Higher Order Functional Unity and Co-Operate in order to meet needs, solve problems, and bring forth the Best Possible Future for All.

There is another view of society that says that human beings are incapable of this kind of loving, cooperative unity, and that instead humanity is spurred on towards ever greater levels of coordination and consolidation by the will to power of corrupt individuals, empires, and oligarchies, who exercise arbitrary power / authority / legalism / realpolitik over others to the harm and detriment of others, for their own gain.

We can see both examples flowing clearly through the course of history.

It is critical that we see in ourselves the potential to be the kinds of people that are capable of both the greatest Virtue, and the greatest cruelty / Sin, and integrate ourselves in order to consciously Help One Another choose / transform / grow towards the Good.

There is a war being fought for the future of life and society as we know it.

If we, the good people of Earth, do not voluntarily rise up into higher order functional unity and cooperation to win it, we can be assured that those motivated by the authoritarian and selfish will to power and wealth will do so.

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