3.10 The Highest and Best Possible Future

Having been granted the Authority to Author Our own Future, what kind of Future shall We Speak into Being?

If in order to Succeed we must Aim, towards what shall We Aim?

Surely the only moral answer can be the One Highest and Best Answer.

There are an infinite number of possible / potential futures.

Your job is to select, out of the total set of all possible futures, the Highest and the Best one for All, and to speak it into Reality.

If 8 billion of Us did this and were of one Highest Mind and one Highest Agency, would not our collective Will and Intention in-break and become Our Reality? And would not that Will and Intention be one with the Will and Intention of the One?

Spend some time writing, in vivid and descriptive detail, about the Highest and Best Possible Future you can conceive of for Your Self, Your Family, and for All.

What does it look like? What does it feel like? What does it smell like? What does it taste like? Who else is there? What is like the experience like for them? What is the experience like for You? What is the experience like for All?

If We All decided on the Best and Highest Future for All, and if We diligently worked together to bring it into Reality, what would Our lives and Our world become like?

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