Social Experiment

In April 2022, we began a social experiment to explore the abstract notion of the Meta Project in 6 week cycles, alongside the Lionsberg System and Infrastructure we had Co-Created.

By mid 2022, the story and the structure were in place, dozens of people from around the world were engaged, and we were beginning to learn how to act our the idea of a Meta Community engaged in a Meta Project to accomplish a Meta Goal, for the benefit of All.

Simultaneously, we were validating that the Meta Idea would have to be instantiated and acted out in a Time and Space and Domain, and could not be Enacted in the abstract.

In October 2022, after 4 cycles, we closed the season of exploring the Meta Project in the abstract, and prepared to begin Enacting The Plan through Lionsberg.

It would soon be time to help connect up and empower heroes on the front lines around the world to the Lionsberg System to accelerate their individual and local progress towards our overarching and uniting shared Goal.

For the sake of history, that is when we published this Guide.