4.13 The Meta Goal of the Meta Quest

Our Goal is One.

What is One?

What is the Highest and Best?

What lies at the absolute top of the hierarchy of Values and Goods?

What is the Meta Goal of the universal and eternal Meta Quest we are All on?

We Know It is One.

And we are always striving to Realize what It Is.

It is.

I am.

We are.


Whatever It is, It is Absolute, It is ineffable, It is transcendent, It is Conscious, It is beyond, It is within.

It is the One Meta Goal of the Meta Quest.

Living right here within us, and impelling us onward towards It, and back towards It.

"Why are you so cryptic? We KNOW what It is - it say it right there in the Book!"

They all Know. Therefore they are Blind. They bow down to their concretization of the Absolute, and thereby commit the greatest Sin.

They Know. Therefore they will never be able to cross the Boundary. They will forever remain prisoners within the walls of the Old.

Try to bottle up or box in the Goal of our noble Quest, and it will destroy you.

We Do Not Know, therefore we are on a Quest to search it out!

This is the beginning of the Way towards Wisdom.

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