# Above The Chaos, Reciprocal Opening

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.07.27 (updated 2022.07.27)

A post in Above The Chaos.

Hello Friends and Allies,

This topic of the apparently polar forces of being and doing has been searingly alive.

In fact, my entire plan for the weekly Navigation Meeting today was derailed by its reemergence. So we followed it for a while into a very rich discussion.

In the end, it led back to group consensus and a dedicated team to help accomplish this week exactly what I sensed was needed, from a very different and more powerful perspective and far greater unity of intention and understanding.

My hypothesis is that we are feeling this tension because we are sitting, as it were, in the eye of a hurricane.

I have not yet found the wise right time or words to fully articulate my thoughts... however I have begun to start in a couple places, such as Reciprocal Opening and Realize.

If others sensing this same aspect of Reality would be willing to do some hard work to increasingly help articulate this, I would be grateful.

For now, we can rest assured that the tension we are sensing and leaning into is absolutely central to the emergence of New Life... and our job is to All hold fast to the Centerline with all our might...

When something this powerful is emerging, the only peaceful place will be directly in the Center.

In my Mind I am envisioning a Standard or Pole, as faithfully and foundationally planted in the Center and Source as we can possibly muster, that anyone caught out in the Chaos of the storm can rally to, and find Community, comfort, peace, and joy as we dwell securely and at ease in the eye of the storm.

How faithfully can we forge such an Standard?

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