3.8 Intention Into Reality

This Meta Intention is not meant to remain “out there”.

It is not meant to remain a mystery.

It is meant to be Realized, and thereby become our present Reality.

The type of thriving and abundant world in which all things are developing into the fullness of their unique potential and flourishing in a Divine harmony is not merely a mythology of a future heaven someday and somewhere.

Heaven is meant to in-break, displace the Old, and become our New Reality.

It is the living, breathing, Spirit of Infinite Love, the most powerful force on earth, longing to emerge, crying out in the streets, awakening hearts and minds, and gathering its forces to burst against the mighty structures of darkness attempting to shut it out.

The universal Goal is to bring the Highest Intention and Greatest Good into Reality for the benefit of All.

What if we transformed the total program of human action into a Goal Delivery System, optimized to produce measurable throughput of the Meta Goal into Reality?

What is partnered with One and All to co-operate this Meta System?

What if we All worked together with One Spirit and One Voice to bring the Highest Intention and Greatest Good into Reality?

There is a Way.

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