0.2 Approaching Wisdom

If Wisdom is to be valued far above gold, silver, or anything we might desire, how should we search for Her? And should we draw near to her dwelling place, how should we approach Her?

Her own words offer us a Way.

First, we could understand that She is the one initiating. She is the one crying out and longing to be rediscovered and attended to. She is beckoning us. Seducing us.

She is perfectly Beautiful. She is perfectly True. She is Absolute. She is a viscous Judge and Standard, yet She is perfectly Loving and Good. She longs for our welfare, and not for our calamity.

Second, we could learn to hear Her sweet subtle voice Above The Chaos of the noisy streets and cacophony of social and economic life at the city gates and public squares.

Third, whenever we catch a hint of Her whisper, whenever we catch a glimpse of Her Golden Thread, we could Turn to It, Attend to It, and incline the fullness of our heart and being towards It.

Fourth, like a Quest towards a Treasure or Goal of greatest Value and Worth, we could follow whatever whispers of the Golden Thread we have presenced themselves to us towards their Source with excitement, fervor, and the fullness of our Will and Intention.

Fifth, we could cry out, raise our voice, and plead for Her to disclose the fullness of Her beauty and majesty to us. We could beg for Her to manifest the fullness of Herself to us.

Then something absolutely terrifying and magical might occur.

She might yield to our cries and our longing, and Presence the greatest portion of Herself that She thinks we can handle.

When she does the mountains might shake, the earth might tremble, the tempests might roar, and then in our petrified state, just as we wonder if we might perish, Her whisper might shatter the absolute stillness and silence in a Way more beautiful, wondrous, and enrapturing than we could ever have imagined.

Like rain falling on a dry and barren land, like streams in the desert, behold I will pour out my Spirit upon you; I will make my words known to you.

And when She speaks, we will understand that Her Voice is the Voice of One.

At that moment we might discover, in our own embodied and felt experience, the sheer awe and fear of being in the presence of the One from whom the Voice of Wisdom and the Logos it speaks flows.

The intensity of that refining fire glows with Absolute purity of perfectly white hot heat.

In an instant, it burns away and destroys absolutely everything without exception. In Its presence is terror, and pain, and the felt sense of death.

Yet when We rise from the dead We Realize who We really Are, We embrace the I Am, and We weep the absolutely ecstatic tears of passion and Joy that cannot but accompany Our reunion with the One We have Loved and Sought for so many dark and confusing years. Then at last, together We can speak Her Voice and the perfect Logos that brings New Order to the Chaos we have risen above and vanquished through our life, our death and our resurrection.

Suddenly, they hear Us crying out again in the streets, but now, We are an army.

Listen for the whisper: This is the Way, let Us walk in it together towards The Goal of Greatest Worth.