4.26 Every Defect Is A Gift

In our effort to Navigate and Progress towards The Goal, or produce Throughput of The Goal, there is a strange quality of defects, Issues, Obstacles, or Challenges.

That is that they are not in fact a curse, but a gift.

They actually mark the Way towards the Goal.

As Life and Consciousness strive to Realize the fullness of their Potential, there are inevitably problems and obstacles that arise and presence themselves.

Rather than being frustrated or condemning the Obstacle, we should celebrate that what used to dwell under the veil of darkness has been brought to Light.

We should celebrate that a hidden Defect or Obstacle, previously lurking below yet always present, has presenced or manifested itself to us.

While it was hidden, it was still there. We just didn’t know it.

When the Next-Most-Significant-Obstacle to Throughput of the [Goal] manifests itself, simultaneously the Potential to solve the problem also manifests itself.

With each problem solved, we become wiser, stronger, and more capable of solving problems, that capacity generalizes across the total set of all potential problems, and our Meta System increases it capacity to create Throughput of the Meta Goal.

Therefore we should rejoice when we encounter trials and obstacles.

It is trials and obstacles that test us.

What tests us and challenges is what reveals the things within us and within our Way that are not compatible with the Goal. What tests us and challenges us is what builds our Faith, Courage and Perseverance.

And Faith, Courage, and Perseverance in the Way are what leads us towards the eventual Meta Goal of being perfect and complete, lacking in nothing, yet continuing to Become A Little Better Every Day.

Like gold refined through fire seven times, and continuing to be refined.

Though we descend into the flames 70 x 7 times, we will rise 70 x 8 times, each time stronger, purer, and richer for all the defects that have been exposed and burned away.

The refining fire hurts, but it is Good.

Let’s learn to celebrate and rejoice each time the dross in our State of Being is exposed by fire of Doing.

We do not want to merely protect what is Weak. If we Love it, we will make it Strong, so that ever more strength in unleashed in service of The Goal.

We Navigate through Obstacles towards ever greater Perfection, which is the Goal.

The Obstacles mark the Way towards the Goal.

As it is said:

Be Perfect, as One is Perfect.

It is our ego and vain attempt to cling to the Old and inadequate that is our real enemy and obstacle.

The Obstacles and enemies are our teachers.

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