4.25 Navigating and Becoming

So it is that our Way of Navigating together towards The Goal is one with our Way of elevating, transforming, and Becoming

It is all an act of Co-Creation.

And we can’t do it alone.

If we can’t do it alone, we must do it together.

In partnership with One, One Another, and All.

This is the only Way.

So we must elevate, transform, and Become the kinds of Beings who are Co-Creators with One and One Another.

If we are going to Move together, we must Move towards the same Goal.

The only Goal big enough the encompass and unite us All is the Meta Goal.

The Meta Goal is for Life and Consciousness to develop towards the fullness of their Potential and flourish in harmony.

Having made the moral decision to Move together towards the Meta Goal, and understanding Who We Are and Where We Are, and Who We Are Becoming and Where We Are Going, we begin to solve the fundamental issue of Perception.

The New Dawn begins to Inbreak And Displace the fog of our present Chaos.

Once we Rediscover how we can All Perceive What Matters, we have a New Framework for how to Orient our Selves and Move together as One towards One Goal.

Our movement towards the Goal is a process of Reciprocal Opening between Being and Doing.

It is like an exploration, an adventure, or a Quest.

It requires that we gather up our Courage and Move out beyond the Boundary.

Once we can Move together, we can begin to Explore our New Reality outside the Boundary.

Once we can Competently Explore, we can begin to Progress towards The Goal.

As we Progress towards The Goal, we will continually encounter Challenges, Issues, and Obstacles that require us to Transform into a higher State of Being.

And one by one, we will build up the individual skills, and begin to coordinate them and group them together, so we can progress from moving, to scooting, to crawling, to walking, to running, to dancing, to riding, to driving, to flying, to flying together in formation towards Destiny.

We will become One Body that is capable of exceedingly and abundantly beyond all that we could presently conceive of.

It all begins with becoming ever more one with One and One Another.

It all begins with the simple, eternal, universal call, from deep within, to progress Towards Oneness Through Love.

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