1.1 A Way Towards The Goal

When you are ready, when you have come to the end of struggling and striving, when you have grown tired of struggling along the dust and the mire when you know you were destined for so much more...

A Guide appears who can show you a Way. Perhaps you have come to that point.

First, a bit of context, and some additional warnings.


If you are looking for a light hobby, techniques, and forms, this Way is not for you.

This is a Way to elevate and transform your entire being, spiritually, intellectually, and physically, to become the kind of person who can confront and overcome anything that arises and dares to object to your progress towards The Goal. It will also force you to face and overcome death itself, so that you can liberate your Self from Fear.


To know the Way, one must live it.

The Way cannot be known intellectually. It must be lived and experienced with the whole being. You, the individual, are the only one who can transform your situation and your world. Unless you are willing to hoist the entire responsibility for your life, your world, and your situation up on your shoulders and transform yourself to become the kind of being who can contend with tragedy and malevolence for the betterment of All, you will never know or progress in the Way. You muscles will not grow except by lifting heavy things, and the same is true of your entire being.


Take your shoes off, the place you are standing is Sacred ground.

You must be prepared to lay down all your preconceptions about what you thought you knew about the world you are living in, put your white belt back on, and begin anew.

Always begin. Always return to The State Of The Uncarved Block.

It is impossible for you to pass through The Threshold Of Knowing and venture with us beyond the Boundary if you are clinging to the Known.

Always return to the state of half full. Always return to the awe, wonder, and humility that are the Reality when you stand or fall or on your face in the presence of the One that is longing to reveal itself to you, and be Realized by you.

If you are ready to truly advance beyond The Boundary that confined you in the past, and venture out into a Reality that will require you to fully and completely live and be, moment by moment, in the Way that allows you to survive and thrive as you cross The Chasm, we can begin to show you the Way.

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