1.0 The Quest

Hello. Welcome.

We have been waiting for you.

You have struggled valiantly and overcome many obstacles to get here.

Yet faced with all that lies before you, it is evident that the same patterns and behaviors that got you to this point cannot and will not carry you forward to your Destiny.

What Got Us Here Will Not Get Us To Where We Want To Go.

There comes a time in each individual's Quest towards the Goal when they reach a Chasm they cannot cross, or a terrifying Existential Threat they do not know how to vanquish.

It is at this point when they must lift their eyes and their hearts to the Heavens, and Ask For Help from One and All.

Inevitably, in exactly the right timing (Kairos), that Help appears.

It often appears in the form of a Guide, who can show them the Way to overcome the Obstacle or Threat they are facing so that they succeed, and avoid failure, on their Quest towards their Worthy Goal.

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