12.18 Hell Is Real, And We Can Co-Create It For Our Selves

Welcome to the Freedom and Sovereignty that lie beyond the fear and slavery of imperial religion. Welcome to life Beyond The Caves.

The good news is that you are Sovereign and Free.

The bad news is that the elementary set of Religious Propositions you formerly assented to, which you thought saved you from the worst possible suffering in eternal hell, and guaranteed you the best possible future in eternal heaven, are now insufficient.

In The Caves it was easy. You simply prayed with the priests, subordinated your spiritual and intellectual will to their Religious Propositions, and in return were sprinkled with the holy water and endowed with the barcode that ensured that when you reached The Gates Of Heaven, they would wave you right through into paradise. Because you had accepted the right Religious Propositions and thereby earned the right barcode, you didn't actually have to worry about what kind of creature you were becoming, moment by moment, as a consequence of each micro-transforming thought, word, and action.

However out here in the Light of Reality, it doesn't work like that. We look back into The Caves and can see the endless masses of people unconsciously repeating the words of the priests and hoping for heaven, while growing more weak, dull, grey, deceived, isolated, fearful, and enslaved daily. Out here, Awake in Reality, we can feel our Selves. We can sense our co-creative Potential. We can witness the creation and destruction of our Thoughts, Words, and Actions. Liberated from the false security and protection of The Caves, we can see that we can co-create any Reality we can dream of.

Is something suffering or missing? We can heal it and fill it up.

If there something that doesn't belong? We can remove it.

With ultimate Liberty, Sovereignty, and Autonomy comes ultimate Responsibility.

Out here in Reality, Responsibility and Authority always exist hand in hand.

Each of us, now that we are spiritually and intellectually free, is now individually responsible for our own lives and destinies, and for the lives and destinies of our family, and our community, and our society, and the entire Living System that sustains all generations of life.

The New World that is in-breaking and will become the reality for all generations over the next thousand years will be precisely the kind of heaven or hell we co-create.

Consciously liberated from the arbitrary threat of eternal damnation that restrained us in the Old World, we are now free to apply whatever transformational patterns we choose. As long as we are willing to bear the consequences.

Able to consciously move mountains, raise valleys, and co-create a New Society, we can liberate ourselves from all the arbitrary and flawed laws of the authoritarian Old regimes.

Having rediscovered our true individual and collective identities and Sovereignty under God, we are no longer accountable to the governments, institutions, and religions of the Old World.

We are accountable to the unnamed, unwritten, non-propositional, non-institutionalized Ultimate Reality from which all consciousness and being flows.

Liberated from accountability to Religion, we become directly accountable to God.

And God has ordained in the Logos of the universe a perfect Justice. Reality will return to us, to our families, to our communities, and to our society, a Reality that is exactly and precisely in keeping with and fitting with Who We Are Becoming, blanketed by the Love of God.

If we choose to become the kind of species that consciously applies the Patterns of Death with increasingly powerful tools, if we program our institutions and technology to rob, to kill, to curse, to steal, to destroy, to exploit Others for our own benefit, to numb our consciousness of our suffering, to fulfill our lusts, to hide us from our fears, to meet our own needs through the labor of others, to abdicate our Individual And Local Responsibility to constructs, abstractions, institutions and ideologies we can then resentfully criticize for failing…

If we consciously use our Sovereignty, Creative Consciousness and ever more powerful weapons to optimize for our selves first at the expense of Others and the Environment

...We will create a literal living hell right here on earth that would make the demons suffering in the hell the Old Authorities threatened us with shudder. It will be a prison of suffering, decay, and death that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will still be trying to claw their way out of.

Yes you are Sovereign. Yes you are Free. Yes you are the co-creator of your Destiny. Yes you have been liberated from the Kings And Priests, and you are now a king and a priest. Understanding now that you are the locus of Sovereignty and Authority on Earth, endowed by God with the responsibility to rule over the Earth, now we must understand Responsibility, Accountability, and the Fear of God that is the beginning of Wisdom.

The Creator of the universe has equipped us with Free Will and Creative Consciousness, and invited us to awaken and arise to become Co-Creators of our Reality.

God is calling us up into a New Era of conscious partnership and right relationship to co-create, right here on earth, that type of Heaven that He longs to inhabit with us.

Heaven on Earth is more possible, more real, and closer than we could ever imagine. The Kingdom of Heaven is indeed at hand.

And yet the Antithesis of what is lovingly intended is also more possible, more real, and closer than we could ever imagine. Hell is real, and we can use our freedom to co-create it for our selves.

The possibility of Hell is Real in a far more profound sense than the childish propositions and speculations made it out to be.

Discerning that Heaven and Hell are not Real, in the sense that fairy tales and Myths are not Real, requires that we also grapple with the frightening possibility that they might be Real in the same way that fair tales and myths are more than Real.