Above The Chaos, The Lionsberg System - An Integrated Framework for Co-Creating the New World

The Lionsberg System is a comprehensive framework designed to guide individuals and communities in the pursuit of a more just, regenerative, and flourishing world for all living beings. It is grounded in the understanding that transformative change requires the alignment of our individual and collective efforts within a shared vision, a set of guiding principles, and an integrated hierarchy of goals and values.

The Meta Goal: Uniting All Goals

At the heart of the Lionsberg System is the Meta Goal, the overarching and unifying goal that encompasses and orders all other possible goals. It represents the highest level of abstraction and can be described as the total integrated wellbeing, development, and right relationship of all generations of life and consciousness across all times and spaces.

The Meta Goal provides a framework for aligning our individual goals with the goals of various things we participate in, ultimately uniting all living beings in the pursuit of a shared purpose. By pointing toward the Absolute without concretizing it, the Meta Goal avoids the Pattern of Failure that arises when we concretize the Absolute.

The Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals: A Roadmap to the New World

The Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals is an interconnected and interdependent set of goals that collectively contribute to the progressive realization of the Meta Goal. These goals are organized within a properly integrated hierarchical structure, ensuring that our individual and collective efforts are aligned and coordinated.

The Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals includes:

  1. The Meta Goal
  2. High-Level Goals (e.g., betterment of society, ecological regeneration, personal transformation)
  3. Intermediate Goals
  4. Bioregional Goals
  5. Community Goals
  6. Group Goals
  7. Individual Goals

By organizing our goals within this hierarchy, we can foster greater collaboration, cooperation, and coordination among diverse individuals, groups, and sectors in diverse times and places. The Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals serves as a roadmap for our journey toward the New World, guiding our collective efforts and ensuring that we stay focused, inspired, and united in our pursuit of a better future for all living beings.

Elevate and Transform: A Guiding Principle for Personal and Collective Growth

The principle of "Elevate and Transform" encourages individuals and groups to actively work together toward the betterment of themselves, their communities, society, and the living system as a whole. This principle encompasses personal transformation, societal transformation, and ecological regeneration, acknowledging that each is essential to achieving the New World envisioned by the Lionsberg System.

To "Elevate and Transform," co-creators in the Lionsberg System are encouraged to:

  1. Pursue personal growth, learning, and development
  2. Engage in continuous learning and improvement
  3. Collaborate with others to address the root causes of societal challenges
  4. Embrace and embody the values and principles outlined in the Lionsberg System
  5. Foster a culture of optimism, resilience, and creativity

Aspirations: Fueling Our Passion and Commitment

Aspirations are the deeply held hopes, dreams, and desires that inspire and motivate us to work together toward the New World. These aspirations represent our collective longing for a better future, characterized by peace, abundance, justice, and harmony among all living beings.

Aspirations serve important functions in the Lionsberg System, such as:

  1. Fueling our passion and commitment
  2. Guiding our actions and decisions
  3. Encouraging innovation, creativity, and positive risk-taking
  4. Unifying diverse individuals and groups around a common purpose
  5. Fostering a sense of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment

Examples of aspirations in the Lionsberg System include creating a world where all people have access to resources and opportunities necessary to lead fulfilling, healthy, and meaningful lives; building a society that values and respects the inherent worth and dignity of every individual, regardless of their background, beliefs, or circumstances; restoring and regenerating the planet's ecosystems and natural resources, ensuring a regenerative and thriving future for all life on Earth; and cultivating a culture of love, empathy, compassion, and understanding, where differences are celebrated and conflicts are resolved through peaceful means.

By embracing and pursuing our Aspirations, co-creators in the Lionsberg System are able to stay inspired, motivated, and engaged in the collective effort to cross the chasm and co-create the Land of Promise. These Aspirations serve as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of our shared vision and the profound impact that our actions can have on the world around us.

Society and the Living System: The Context and Beneficiary of Our Efforts

Society and the Living System encompass the complex web of relationships, institutions, norms, values, and systems that collectively shape the human experience and the broader interconnectedness and interexistence of all life on Earth. This holistic perspective acknowledges the diverse social, cultural, economic, and political dimensions of our shared reality, as well as the various roles, identities, and experiences of individuals and groups within this broader context. It also recognizes the importance of the ecological systems that support and sustain life, emphasizing our interconnectedness with the natural world.

Society and the Living System play a central role in the Lionsberg System, as they are both the context within which we seek to effect change and the ultimate beneficiaries of our collective efforts to create a better world. As co-creators, we recognize the importance of understanding and engaging with the complexities of society and the Living System in order to:

  1. Identify the root causes of challenges and issues we face, such as corruption, injustice, poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, and conflict.
  2. Develop effective strategies, interventions, and solutions that address these challenges in a systemic and transformative way, taking into account the interdependence of social, economic, and ecological systems.
  3. Foster greater unity, cooperation, and collaboration among diverse individuals, groups, and sectors in pursuit of our shared Vision and Aspirations.
  4. Promote the widespread adoption of the values, principles, and practices outlined in the Lionsberg System and the New Vision and Plan, ensuring that our collective efforts support the well-being of both human society and the broader Living System.
  5. Cultivate a more loving, just, and regenerative society and Living System that benefits all living beings and supports the eternal flourishing of life on Earth.

By working together as co-creators to elevate and transform both society and the Living System, we can help to Cross The Chasm between our present state and the Land of Promise, where humanity and the Living System thrives in harmony, justice, and abundance for All.

The Journey Towards the New World: Embracing Our Role as Co-Creators

The Lionsberg System invites each of us to embrace our role as Co-Creators, actively participating in the Quest towards the New World. By adopting the principles, practices, and aspirations outlined in the Lionsberg System, we can contribute meaningfully to the collective effort of crossing the chasm and co-creating the Land of Promise.

As co-creators, we must engage in ongoing self-reflection, learning, and growth, embodying the values and principles of the Lionsberg System in our everyday lives. By working together to elevate and transform ourselves, our communities, and society as a whole, we can help to ensure that our individual and collective actions align with the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals and contribute to the Progressive Realization of the Meta Goal.

Together, we can embark on the journey towards the New World, uniting in our shared vision, values, and aspirations, and co-creating a just, regenerative, and flourishing future for all living beings.

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