9.15 Who Interprets The Spirit And Law Of The One?

The idea that there is One Highest Law that is transcendent, eternal, and above every earthly articulation is accepted by billions of people from many traditions.

Yet the Institutionalized Religious Denominations and Ideologies they have subordinated their Spiritual And Intellectual Will to are in conflict and irreconcilable on the surface.

So who interprets the Spirit and the Law of the One?

To what institution shall we grant authority to be the arbiter of the Will and Intention of the One Sovereign that All Sovereigns are subject to?

How now shall we Govern our Selves? How now shall we Rightly Relate to One, One Another, and All?

Shall we All submit our Spiritual And Intellectual Will to the Roman Catholic Church, when they are acting in their Magisterium, as their laws demand their adherents do?

Shall we All submit our Spiritual And Intellectual Will to one of the Islamic hierarchies or institutions?

Shall we All submit our Spiritual And Intellectual Will to a political body like the United Nations, who could appoint a council to decide for us?

Certainly any of these solutions is preposterous and wrong.

Sovereignty does not flow from One, to any earthly authority or institution.

It flows directly and personally from One to All.

Thus it has been said that you are now a King and Priest, a Queen and a Priestess.

There is no Authority on earth to whom you must submit or subordinate your Self.

And yet as soon as we take up our rightful place and inheritance as Children of the One, and Co-Creators of the New World, we immediately realize that we cannot do it alone, and we must voluntarily begin to stack up and align our Sovereignty and Agency so that we can do together what none of us can do in isolation.

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