9.14 The One Sovereign That All Sovereigns Are Subject To

The notion of Individual And Local Sovereignty cannot exist without the Higher Idea that there is One Sovereign that All Sovereigns without exception are subject to.

The Individual And Local Sovereignty of each Drive or Personality, if not integrated into some kind of Higher Order Functional Unity, actually becomes a schizophrenic tyranny of the various Drives warring and grasping at the Control Tower of the Whole.

For this reason, an Individual, Locality, or Whole of any kind simply cannot stand or function properly unless it integrates its various Subordinate Systems into Higher Order Functional Unity within its Self, and then subsequently integrates its Self into Higher Order Functional Unity with the various Superordinate Systems it is a part of.

Above All Superordinate Systems is One.

This is the eternal idea, found in all religions, that God's Law stands above every written law on earth, and above every nation, ruler, and authority, such that All, equally and without exception, are subject to One.

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