9.13 The Reunion Of The Old And The New

The Antidote to this Fundamental / Conservative and Progressive / Liberal dichotomy is not divide them against one another.

It is to Reunite and At-One them by walking in the Way of the One who is eternally guiding the Subsequent Transformations of All Creation as it elevates and transforms towards its Destiny and Goal.

The Law and Way of the One is eternal and unchanging. It is the most fundamental and conservative and ancient and proven approach one could possibly take.

And yet the Law and Way of the One is also Continual Transformation. It is the most progressive and liberal and transformative approach one could possibly take.

We just have to be able to rise Above The Chaos and see it as such.

It is the simple, transcendent, Truthful, Higher perspective that sees All, perceives All, and Reconciles and Redeems All.

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