9.16 The House Of Wisdom

One initiative that is longing to be undertaken is to forge a New House of Wisdom.

In this experiment in history, brilliant polymaths and scholars from diverse backgrounds and traditions around the world were brought to the House of Wisdom to translate the entire body of classical Knowledge and Wisdom into Arabic and Syriac.

This act of collective Conscious translation and interpretation of the stories and Wisdom of the past, from All identifiable Domains, by a diverse set of people regarded by their communities as especially Wise, may hold a clue for us today.

In the case of the House of Wisdom, it had the brilliant additional element of the look back through history being simultaneously fused with the Vision, Mandate and Will to forge an entirely new era of Civilization.

At the smallest scale, this is the activity of tribal elders gathering around a campfire to Dialogue, to gather up all the diverse viewpoints and perspectives, to shape and be shaped by One Another, and to arrive at a Wise Right Plan of Action that is most likely to benefit the 7th generation to come.

It is on the foundation of this kind of deep, insightful, wise interpretation of the past, the present, the future, and the eternal, that a New golden age can arise.

There is not any Christian air, water or soil, any Muslim air, water, or soil, any Hindu air, water, or soil...

Neither does our Collective Inheritance of Wisdom and Knowledge belong to any one religion or ideology.

It belongs to us All, and if decide to gather it up and Enact and Embody it, a New Golden Age will also belong to us All.

This kind of idea is offensive to the extremists of any religion or ideology who view themselves as the only chosen or righteous ones. But surely it is time to transcend those foolish and elementary understandings and see that the Love of One extends to us All, equally and without exception, and that Wise Messengers have been sent to every tribe, nation, and people with insights and interpretations of the Way and Spirit of the One.

Since We Do Not Know, let us Learn together, rapidly, and Co-Create the New World.

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