9.17 Conscious Evolution Of Law And Authority

While much of our Old Law and Old Way to date has been unconsciously developed and rooted in the false paradigms and philosophies of the Old World, we now find our Selves on the Threshold of an entirely New Era of Consciousness and Being.

There are two basic types of evolutionary tendencies.

One is predominantly characterized by successive transformations gradually applied to the product of previous transformations in adaptation to the surrounding environment.

The second is, from the brink of Chaos, a Quantum Leap towards a more optimal state.

The quantum leaps, or Phase Transformations of complex adaptive systems, seem to occur when complex systems are pushed close to their breaking point, yet have not yet entirely descended into Chaos.

We are in a moment where the survival of our species likely depends on its ability to pass this final test and perform the quantum leap to more optimal state.

This will be impossible without a rapid, conscious evolution of Law and Authority on Earth, FROM the Old TO the New.

This will be the moment, where for the first time in history, 8 billion people get to “vote”, with their attention, time, and resources, what laws and authorities they will and will not submit themselves to.

There is only One Highest Superordinate right answer, that all other Subordinate answers must be brought into Alignment with.

As we articulate the frameworks of that New Law, Authority, and Era, it must all be rooted, entirely and completely, in the One Highest Law and Value.

As we articulate what we ought to DO together in light of all we have come to KNOW together…

...it will then be up to each Sovereign Individual and Locality to rapidly Embody at every fractal Individual and Collective level, this higher paradigm and Way of Being, so that the New World we are Co-Creating can manifest itself, On Earth As it Is In Heaven.

This New yet Universal and Eternal Law and Way will be the next Quantum Leap in our development towards a Properly Ordered human Society.

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