4.9 Who We Are

We are the beloved creation of One.

We are one family of God.

We are Conscious Agents, united in Vision, Intention, and Goal.

We are the free and empowered Co-Creators of our lives and our world.

We are the unique individual parts of One collective body.

We are the Agents of the One Source of All Life, Light, and Love.

We are unique and Sovereign expressions of One Creative Consciousness.

We are uniquely chosen for this moment in history.

We are one family of Life, Light, and Love.

We are one circle of Life, Light, and Love.

We are one river of Life, Light, and Love.

We are citizens of the One Universal and Eternal Kingdom or Nation.

We are the rightful heirs to a collective inheritance that has been concealed from us.

We are Loved.

We are Forgiven.

We are Sovereign.

We are Free.

We are no longer subjugated to illegitimate Authority.

From this highest overarching and uniting shared Identity, we can begin to Orient ourselves and move towards our highest overarching and uniting Goal, which is One for us All.

Never forget Who We Are.

Always remember Who We Are.

Never forget the highest Identity that calls us All up towards Oneness through One Love.

We cannot know Where We Are Going and Why unless we know Who We Are.

Or perhaps you have forgotten. If so, then then this is an invitation for you to remember and become who you truly are, which is Who We Are Becoming.

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