6.28 The Invitation And Upward Call

Perhaps the most amazing and overlooked part of this epic story is that the Creative One invites and calls us up into a Divine partnership of Co-Creation.

What more Meaningful endeavor could we possibly engage in than Divine Partnership with One and All?

The Spirit of the One has gifted us with Creative Consciousness through which we are invited to consciously partake in the Co-Creation of our universe.

How long will we continue to ignore and reject the invitation?

For far too long we have chased after our own good, not recognizing that when we try to save our own life at the expense of the One and the Whole, the logical end is death.

The water we thought would refresh and protect us turns to poison in our veins.

Yet the invitation and upward call eternally flows forth from the One.

Perhaps it is finally time for us to humbly and gratefully reach out and accept the hand the One offers, and embark on the greatest adventure we could ever hope for.   The One is inviting us to make Its Quest Our Quest.

The Creator is inviting us to become Co-Creators of the New World.

It is time to advance towards Oneness with the One.

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