10.22 A Higher Order System Of Community Flourishing

Many have discovered that the kinds of communities they would desire to live in do not exactly accord with the kinds of communities they have been born into have ended up in. As many of us look around the places we currently are, we struggle to identify affordable, thriving Communities of Life suitable for our development.

There Is No Them coming to create these communities for Us.

It is up to us, the free and empowered Co-Creators of the New World, to design and build the higher order systems and ways of being in Community, and the physical, social, and virtual Communities themselves.

The transformation and Co-Creation of flourishing Communities of Life is absolutely essential to the Meta Project.

These Hospitable Environments in which human beings are most likely to develop into the fullness of their potential and flourish can be developed relatively simultaneously around on the world on the basis of a Pattern Language and set of shared Protocols that ensure the Coherence and Interoperability of the Community of Communities we are Co-Creating.

This total set of patterns and protocols can be abstracted out into a higher order System of flourishing in community, which is then instantiated into a growing network of interconnected, interoperable, and continuously learning and improving Prototypes.

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