10.21 A Higher Order System Of Total Integrated Wellness

A key parallel initiative to lifelong learning and development is the elevation of the total integrated physical, intellectual, and spiritual wellness of every being. If any of these aspects are missing or out of alignment, a being will not be able to discover and achieve its full Potential.

Critically, this higher order system of total integrated wellness cannot be limited the human being, but must be extended out to the total integrated wellness and development of the entire Living System that permeates and sustains all life.

A human being cannot be truly well if the microbes in the surrounding water, soil and air, and permeating her body, are not well.

An inhabitant of Earth cannot be well if the Earth is not well.

When we talk of rising from the bottom up, it does not start with human beings.  It starts with the One, up into very fundamental energetic fabric of the universe, up into the microscopic life forms, all the way up into the higher order forms of life, up into the conscious beings directing the transformation, up to the highest level of the Spirit that permeates and sustains it All which is One.

The purpose of this higher order system of Integrated Wellness it to make a comprehensive path to Total Integrated Wellness available to All, as we all help one another progress on the Quest towards The Goal.

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