10.23 Wisely Choosing Hospitable Environments To Begin

When instantiating various elements of The Prototype, we would be wise to seed the first elements of the ecosystem in hospitable environments. In many areas of the world, political or ideological bulldozers stand at the ready to destroy our efforts. As the system and community gains momentum, we will be able to gradually transform harsher and harsher environments.

To start gathering momentum for a snowball, it is best to pick a long hill with lots of wet snow.

To heal a wound, it is best to start with the outside edges and heal in towards the center.

When fixing a dent, it is best to start with the edges and work your way in towards the center.

One way to discern which environments are most hospitable is to cast the Vision in the form of a video or short white paper, and get communities actually competing to attract the project. These projects make tremendous sense on every economic, social, and spiritual level to do. They elevate and harmonize people, communities, and nature. They create jobs. They create community. They create life. Communities who are wise will offer land, financial support, tax breaks, education, permitting, expediting, community support, and all sorts of other incentives to plant the seeds of flourishing life in their midst.

As we build a global movement of Interoperable and Interconnected communities, we do not want to buy land, and then fight out way all the up through corrupt governments and opponents. We cannot afford to waste energy forcing or compelling. We can only invite and offer.

Wisely build the Tipping Point strategy, allow the The Snowball to gain size and Momentum, and in time every obstacle will fall.

In the higher order Way of flourishing in community, every element of every system, from the highest level concept to the lowest level detail, will be consistent with the New World we are Co-Creating.

This higher order system of community cannot come from any “us” designing and building communities. While we must build prototypes and transform our own communities, the only path to success comes through elevating and empowering hundreds of millions of people around the world to understand and apply the Patterns of Life and The Prototype in their own local communities.

In community development, like human development, it is the role of each community to take responsibility for their own development. It is the role of society to provide the prototypes and higher order systems and resources that constitute the Ladders of Infrastructure that every community can climb towards their potential.

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