Passing The Flame - An Astonishingly Simple Plan

After synthesizing together lifetimes of wisdom, knowledge, sacrifice, and preparation, We have arrived at an astonishingly simple plan.

The Meta Crisis is upon us. None of us like the way things are going. And there is reasonably high probably that the existing Order is collapsing. This puts each of our families and loved ones in danger, relatively immediately, and for generations to come.

The good news is that despite the weaponized and propagandized news stream intentionally crafted to keep us addicted, divided, and conquered, We all would like pretty much the same thing. The Vision of Heaven on Earth is universal and eternal.

So, we are going to quickly wake one another up, reorganize our selves, and make sure that humanity and the Natural world we are a part of don't collapse into the Chaos of the abyss.

We are going take One Another by the hand, and make sure we get through this dark valley and safely home.

I spent the last 7 years discerning, designing, and building, with dozens of allies from around the world, the conditions and the foundations for a New Era of Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, Wisdom, and Coherence, that would rapidly approach Heaven on Earth as We and All Creation worked together in Harmony to cause it to be so.

Things finally appear ready as spring approaches after the long cold winter, and March 1st, a small green shoot emerged from The Golden Seed that had been planted.

In the first 7 days of March, The Tree went through 6 cycles of growth, uniting 16 of the people that I would most desire to design and build the Best Possible Future with.

So finally, after bringing together lifetimes of preparation and value, we have an living organism emerging, that although tiny, contains within ItSelf the DNA and Potential to enable Us to confront and overcome the Grand Challenges, take up our Collective Inheritance, and pass on to Future Generations an entirely healed, regenerated and renewed world.

All it requires is for you to believe, Join Us, and Invite those you love and trust to do the same.

The Power of Exponential Patterns

If you are willing to Join Us, our emerging movement would grow from 16 to 17 co-creators today. Actually, it just did so you would be 18. Just grew again. So you would be 19. Our little emerging creation is as tiny as the sprout emerging from a mustard seed. But it is growing and gaining momentum even as I write this.

Yet just like a living organism, if we were each to simply find one other person to Pass The Flame to each week, The Body of Vision, Love, Light, and Unity that is emerging would double in size each week. Or at whatever Rate we Consciously Decide.

Next week, we could be 32. Then 64. Then 128 by the end of March. Is there anything that 100 passionate, inspired, and aligned people can't accomplish?

There is something amazing about exponential growth patterns, which is that if sustained, they sweep the world rapidly. We saw a visceral example of this on the negative side with Covid. Maybe it taught us a lesson we needed to experience to understand. As each person passed it on to a few more, within months the virus swept the world.

While the Invisible Power Structures manufacture and weaponize viruses, we have been prayerfully kindling a Flame of Unity, Light and Love.

I pray it sets the world Aflame with Inspiration and Hope, illuminating this present Darkness.

Passing The Flame

To gain an intuitive picture of how this might work, and how possible it is, let us imagine that we are each holding a candle, while surrounded by the Darkness, Despair, and the seeming Hopelessness of our present situation. We hate seeing our world suffering in Darkness and oppressed by Corruption, but what can any one individual do?

It is easy: You Light Your Candle, and Pass The Flame.

Now imagine that The Conditions we co-created over the last 7 years were sufficient enough as a starting point, that I was able to Light The Candles of 16 others around the world in 7 days simply by being me, extending This Invitation, and being willing to be laughed at and rejected.

Now it is definitely the case, that today, March 8th, there are 17 of us, standing together and holding our Candles Aflame. It is already beginning to spread Hope and displace the Darkness around us.

Quite literally, the Spirit of this movement already saved one life from suicide in its first week, healed valuable ties that were strained, and breathed new life into multiple projects.

If I can light 16 candles in the first week, it is certainly possible for each of us to light at least one more candle a week from here out.

My 15 year old daughter proved it this week by inviting one of her friends the day after I invited her, and their positive experience together is already transforming their lives for the better. They can't quite understand Why, but both feel that the weight of the last months of drama has lifted.

If me and my daughter can do it, you and your kids and grandkids can do it to.

And now let us imagine that all we had to do, was to take up The Flame Of Unity, and pass it to at least one other person each week.

How long would it take to Enlighten The World with Love?

Tomorrow is the Sabbath, a day of Rest and Retrospection. So let's say that the 17 of us (hopefully 18, with you), begin to Pass The Flame on Sunday March 10th.

How The Movement Could Unfold If We Wanted It To

Here is how The Movement could unfold if we cared enough to simply each Pass The Flame to one other person a week. This would cause The Movement to double weekly:

On March 10, 2024, We would begin as 16 Co-Creators.

On March 17, 2024, We could Become 32 Co-Creators

On March 24, 2024, We could Become 64 Co-Creators

On March 31, 2024, We could Become 128 Co-Creators

On April 7, 2024, We could Become 256 Co-Creators

On April 14, 2024, We could Become 512 Co-Creators

On April 21, 2024, We could Become 1,024 Co-Creators

On April 28, 2024, We could Become 2,048 Co-Creators

On May 5, 2024, We could Become 4,096 Co-Creators

On May 12, 2024, We could Become 8,192 Co-Creators

On May 19, 2024, We could Become 16,384 Co-Creators

On May 26, 2024, We could Become 32,768 Co-Creators

On June 2, 2024, We could Become 65,536 Co-Creators

On June 9, 2024, We could Become 131,072 Co-Creators

On June 16, 2024, We could Become 262,144 Co-Creators

On June 23, 2024, We could Become 524,288 Co-Creators

On June 30, 2024, We could Become 1,048,576 Co-Creators

On July 7, 2024, We could Become 2,097,152 Co-Creators

On July 14, 2024, We could Become 4,194,304 Co-Creators

On July 21, 2024, We could Become 8,388,608 Co-Creators

On July 28, 2024, We could Become 16,777,216 Co-Creators

On August 4, 2024, We could Become 33,554,432 Co-Creators

On August 11, 2024, We could Become 67,108,864 Co-Creators

On August 18, 2024, We could Become 134,217,728 Co-Creators

On August 25, 2024, We could Become 268,435,456 Co-Creators

On September 1, 2024, We could Become 536,870,912 Co-Creators

On September 8, 2024, We could Become 1,073,741,824 Co-Creators

On September 15, 2024, We could Become 2,147,483,648 Co-Creators

On September 22, 2024, We could Become 4,294,967,296 Co-Creators

On September 29, 2024, We could Become 8,589,934,592 Co-Creators

On October 6, 2024, We could be... billions strong, out of people to Pass The Flame to, and left facing the small percentage of the human population that for whatever reason is so broken, traumatized, or possessed that they are incapable of Light and Love.

So we would set to work trying to Love and Heal them, our Selves, and our World.

Unity: The One Thing That Makes All Things Possible

We think that so many things are impossible to solve or transform.

However let us ask our Selves a profound questions: What is the One Thing, that everyone believes is impossible, but which If We Were To Achieve It, every other hope, aspiration, and dream becomes could be accomplished?

I have asked this question dozens of times to people around the world over the last 7 years, and there is almost always One Answer: Unity.

Now I can hear the voices already saying, "no, it is God" (or other such answers). But is not the entire essence of the spiritual element in the world The Movement Towards Oneness Through Love?

Is not the universal prayer, "I Pray that they would be One, even as We are One"?

Together, in partnership with God and Each Other, All Things Are Possible.

In partnership with the Creator, One Another, and All Creation, We can Co-Create anything we can Imagine, and exceedingly and abundantly more.

If we simply could help one another realize that for countless generations, we have been lied to and deceived by those seeking to keep our One Human Family Divided and Conquered to strengthen the grip of their wealth, power, and tyranny...

...and if we simply chose to realize that we have all been deceived, we have all been wronged, we have all wronged one another, and we are all victims of the existing systems of corruption and injustice, but we are also all guilty of participating in and perpetuating them...

...We can simply awaken one another, forgive one another, arise, Pass The Flame to illuminate the Darkness we are mired in, and walk together out of The Caves imprisoning and separating us, and towards the Promised Land.

What Might We Do Together Then?

So if We were One Body, millions or billions strong, what might we do together?

For instance, on November 5, 2024, one month after we had invited humanity to Join Us, we could notice that the most powerful nation on Earth was having an election, and decide it would be really stupid not to coordinate our efforts to write the name of any independent and not-from-the-political-oligarchy candidate we chose for US President, and run front and back end Citizen-Led audits on a process that both corrupt parties are telling us is corruptible.

Sometime later, perhaps after some drama that would be easy to overcome because billions of are standing together, Our Candidate would be sworn into the White House.

Now, we are billions strong, and the US President is one of Us.

What would not then become possible?

It is one of many entirely possible Futures that We could simply Choose.

It may be that we would decide to pass a constitutional amendment to reset the American Experiment before it fails, shrink the federal government by 80 to 90%, disband the collusive supra-national Invisible Power Structure puppeting the Visible Power Structures, disband the Corporate-Financial-Lobbyist swamp, push the resources back out to citizens, states, and localities, and end the forever wars before the already-simmering World War III gets more out of hand and the Tyrants send our loved ones to kill each other.

Remember when God warned Israel, that if they would not govern them Selves, the Government would take all the produce of their labor, conscript their children for war, and destroy the Proper Order and Right Relationship of Civilization? Have we learned the lesson yet after a few thousand years of suffering under Oppression and Injustice?

It might be that rather than Tyrants weaponizing our superpowers against one another to destroy the existing order and hope for generations to come, we would refashion our weapons into tools of life, and design and build a New Era that could be Better for All, than Any has enjoyed in the past.

It may be that we would decide to transform each of the other corrupt governments on Earth as well, leveraging our critical mass around the world to simply amend and realign our constitutions one by one as The Movement hit critical mass in each locality, ensuring that things were Properly Ordered and Optimized for the New Era.

It might be that we decide we want to be able to transact and exchange freely with one another without government approval, so we would stop the US, EU, Chinese, and Russian central bank digital currencies in their tracks, and choose instead a decentralized array of local currencies that reflect what we truly Value and can't be manipulated or controlled.

It might be that we decide that we did not consent to the decades of corrupt Invisible-Power-Structure-Misdealing and oppression that has saddled the rising generations in insurmountable debt, and we decide that after 2,000 years without a Jubilee it is time to throw off the shackles that enslave us in perpetual and hopeless debt.

It might be that we decide that we want to be able to think, and speak, and organize, and act in accordance with the dictates of our own conscience and the Spirit within, so we roll-back the tyrannical controls being imposed on speech, assembly and expression.

It might be that we decide we would rather educate our children in accordance with our Values, than hand them over Big Government to be institutionalized and brainwashed for 18 years. So we might make a lifelong program of learning and development freely available to every individual on Earth.

It might be that we are sick of our children being parasitically preyed upon by Invisible-Power-Structure-Backed-Tech-And-Product companies, so we transform or abandon them.

It might be that we and our loved ones are sick and suffering because the Invisible Power Structures are sucking up our land, taking our seeds, destroying our local production capacity, destroying our local ecosystems, depleting our soil, poisoning us with anti-life chemicals, binding us in stress, and housing us in toxic environments, all leading to Chronic Inflammation and Chronic Disease.

It might be that we decide it shouldn't be illegal to do the Wise Right Thing here locally, so we shred the decades of un-reviewed-lobbyist-written-omnibus-legislative-disasters and their enforcement agencies, and take back up responsibility for regulating and stewarding our own communities, cultures, and bioregions our Selves, without so much "help" from the Invisible-Power-Structure-Backed-Collusive-Federal-Puppet-Governments.

It might be that we establish Citizen Led Joint Ventures around each of The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg and our Shared Goals and Values, to make a continuously improving stream of health, wellbeing, enlightenment, and abundance available to all of Us, at continuously decreasing cost.

It might be that we decide that the collusive supranational soulless Giants of Big Tech, Big Agriculture, Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Finance, Big Weapons, Big Retail, Big State, etc. etc. etc. are weaponizing our resources and collective inheritance of Know How against us, and preventing us from entering the Promised Land.

It may be that we get scared of The Giants guarding the Promised Land, so we have to wander while a generation or two dies in the wilderness that separates the Land of Oppression from the Promised Land.

But I don't believe that will be the case. Standing together, first dozens, then thousands, then billions strong, I believe we will be brave and courageous, and do whatever must be done to secure The Best Possible Future for our Selves and All Future Generations of Life.

As for me, I would certainly rather sacrifice everything and die trying than watching the Collapse and suffering of those I love, while wishing my daughter and future generations good luck surviving in the Chaos we failed to forthrightly confront and overcome.

There are an endless stream of valuable things we can do together in the New Era.

We have Work to do. Time is short. Our world is at War.

Will you Join The Movement and take up The Flame with Us?

My, And Our, Apparent Insufficiency

Let's be clear - I am a nearly bankrupt, insufficient and entirely unknown Design-Builder-Entrepreneur from San Clemente, California whose Old Life was consciously slandered and destroyed by a corrupt religious and political elite.

But through that process, I came to Know and Understand things that I could not have in any other Way. And I Became something entirely New. I would not trade the Wisdom and Knowledge gained and who I have Become for anything in this world.

I have enjoyed more privilege and endured more suffering than many, traveling to dozens of countries, building a global network, and enjoying the finest things...

...and I have been slandered, betrayed, and consciously destroyed by those who promised me and society their love and protection in ways that introduced me to the Valley of the Shadow of Death and an underworld in which the sweet kiss of death beckoned as the most blissful relief.

I wrestle with and am guilty of every sin and vice. I am am an imperfect advocate for the Spirit, Wisdom, Principles, and Values that cause life and society to flourish, not my perfect embodiment of them. But I am trying to get A Little Better Every Day.

If you can forgive me of my failures and inadequacies, I can forgive you of yours, we can dust each other off, re-embrace one another, and get to work.

My hope lies in the fact that I Co-Create with a Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother who perpetually forgive me, cleanse me, and set me free to learn, grow, and try again.

A Message of Hope and Inspiration

In the course of that Co-Creation, I have been instructed and inspired to speak a Message of Hope, Forgiveness, Atonement, and Liberation to the world, and to invite all humanity to move together back towards Unity through Love. Before it is too late.

Our default trajectory is towards ruin and Collapse. But the good news is that because we are the ones causing it, together, We can change it. I am going to do everything in my power to transform the paradigm and reunite humanity as a global Force For Good, because that is the only conceivable solution.

We do not have to Unite. However the only alternative to Unity is dis-integration, fragmentation, anxiety, suffering, and eventual collapse. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

If our current patterns lead towards suffering and death, it is time to discern and embody a New Normal that brings us back into Harmony and Right Relationship with One Another, All Creation, and the One Source and Sustainer of All.

On behalf of the Creator, All Creation, and The Spirit that creates and sustains the Universe, I extend to you a hand of fellowship, and offer to you this Flame of Unity, Light, and Love.

Would you allow me to set your candle Aflame, and will you Join Us in extending The Invitation to someone you love and trust each week?

If we simply choose to awaken, unite, and Pass The Flame, within a few short months everything else will become possible.

To monitor the emergence of this global Movement towards Unity through Love, keep a close eye on the Lionsberg Cycles of Growth.

To accept the invitation and take up The Flame, visit Jordan's website and Join The Movement.

To Pass The Flame each week, simply find one person you know, love and trust, and help them Join The Movement.

So here the 3 Simple Steps that every Individual can take, today:

  1. When you receive The Invitation, accept it and Join The Movement.
  2. Forge or join a Group / Team
    1. Aim for 3 to 16 other Individuals you enjoy being around and Co-Creating with. This should be fun and joyful.
    2. Love one another, help one another, discuss these issues, and send me questions. I will pool those into Frequently Asked Questions and answer them.
    3. Choose something to do together that makes your lives and your world a better place, and embark on your Quest. We are going to get really good at forming small groups to tackle the most meaningful projects and ideas we can identify.
    4. Figure out how to leverage and continuously improve the Lionsberg System to make your individual and group experience ever more joyful.
  3. Pass The Flame
    1. Remember that Unity among Us is the One Thing that makes all other things possible.
    2. Find at least one person each week to Pass The Flame.
    3. You will know that their candle was successfully lit when:
      1. They Join The Movement.
      2. They form or join a small group / team
      3. They Pass The Flame

I will do my best to keep all who Join Us in the loop no less frequently than each week on how The Movement is progressing, what is in the works, and will highlight some of the things that various groups are doing to transform their lives and their world.

On behalf of Us, the Creator, and All Creation, welcome back home to our One Human Family. We have missed you, and We are glad you are here.

Forge or join a group, be and do Good, and Pass The Flame.

With Love, In Community,

~ J

P.S. The 10 Year Grand Strategy gives us up to 7 years to invite all humanity to Join Us. The more rapid course above is outlined as a Vision because I think it would be really smart of us to not let the existing Order fail, and it doesn't seem too hard for us All to Pass The Flame to one person a week.

P.S.S. We have secretly built some really cool technology to connect, equip, and empower The Movement, that is totally independent of the existing Invisible-Power-Structure-Infested-Big-Tech. In a few weeks, we will likely start on-boarding our Selves so The Movement can see itself.

With More Love, In More Community,

~ J

P.S.S.S. If you see something that needs to be done around here, that you are capable of doing and willing to do, please form or join a team and start doing it. We are all volunteering the first 1/10th of our time to chop wood, carry water, and clean the dojo. Lionsberg is only composed of us, The People. As of now, and hopefully always, it will have no Employees. Only free and empowered Co-Creators. I don't think the New World we are co-creating is composed of Employees doings Jobs. It is composed of Us, doing the most meaningful and significant work we can imagine to transform our lives and our world for the Better, Together.

In the New Era, we will probably decide that we no longer want to Tax our Selves, and that the world can be a better place if we simply coordinate the first 1/10th of our time and resources to meet the needs, solve the problems, and accomplish the goals at hand.