Past Meetings

For the list of past Meetings, notes, and recordings that formerly resided here, see Past Meetings.

Kinds of Meetings

  • Fellowship Meetings
  • Program and Project Management
    • Kick-Start
    • Design Review
    • Strategy / Planning
    • PM Navigation
    • Status / Reporting
    • Portfolio Review
    • Kick-Finish ~ 80% Completion
    • Retrospective / After Action Review
  • Standup / Checkin
  • Brainstorming
  • Healing After Trauma (Internal or External)
  • Informal / Being Human Together
  • Celebration
  • Changing of the Seasons


Groups use Decision Making Process rooted in Discernment and Consent to agree on topics and durations for each meeting.


When appropriate, each individual in the circle should be given the opportunity to speak, one by one, until all have spoken.

When appropriate, physical or metaphorical Talking Sticks can be used to help facilitate this type of Dialogue and deep listening, and ensure that each person can fully process and express their perspective.

Unity of Spirit / Sense of the Meeting

As the meeting progresses, pay close attention to what arises and emerges.

This is sometimes referred to as the "spirit" or "sense" of the meeting.

It often is experienced as if something (thoughts, feelings, impressions) are "bursting in" upon meeting participants, in a way that resonates and can be recognized by all.

Often these impressions contain very valuable Wisdom that is crucial for Governance / Navigation towards the Goal.

Template For PM Navigation Meeting

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