Fellowship Meetings


  • Weighty Friends
    • Wise Elders, Respected by the Community as such
    • Humility / "Staying Low"

Desired Outcomes

  • Slow Down. Be Present.
  • Counter the tendency to rush towards:
    • What might sound "right" in a rush, but not actually be the Wise Right thing.
    • What might get us individual acclaim (because I spoke the "right" thing).
    • What might give me power / dominion / hierarchy over others
    • "Charismatic leader" effects of "fast" meetings
  • Engage in clearer, deeper, more emergent thinking, listening and sensing
    • Pay special Attention to Weak Signals that would otherwise be downed out
    • Deeply listen to anyone who has a concern / nag / intuition that a course of action or potential, if undertaken, could hinder our ability to progress towards The Goal.
  • Revelation
    • Uncover deeper meanings, potentials, and goals
    • Allow higher order solutions to emerge that reconcile and resolve the concerns
  • Deepen Right Relationship in Community
  • Deeply respect and value the (spirit / inner guide / spark) in each person and in our community together

Positive Examples

  • Quaker Meeting
  • Revival Meetings, in which people are brought into synergy and alignment, and the energy is Aimed in a Wise Right Good direction
  • Rallies where energy is coalesced and then Aimed at a Good intent.

Negative Examples

  • Political rallies where people "rally" and synergize, and then energy is pointed towards a negative direction.

Quick notes below from Jordan and Peter 2022.10.31:

Quick Detour Into Neuroscience

  • Pete brought in a theory of how brains work (William Calvin's How Brains Think, etc.)
  • Ringing in response to the stimulus
  • neighbors get a little of the signal from that...
  • they try to harmonize / resonate...
  • and each one has a neighbor on the other side trying to influence it to...
  • First the process of reception
  • the the conscious knowledge of an object
  • then different neurons start singing the tune of what they think it is
    • some think its a ball
    • some think its an apple
  • With the sensations coming in and neurons singing - end up with choirs of competing throughts about what we are seeing...
  • end up with clusters that have convinced themselves that it is an apple or tennis ball
  • recruit more and more neighbors...
  • there is a point where it makes
  • and depending strength of resonance and input coming in... then suddenly the whole thing tips and everyone agrees...

Quick Detour Into Bees

  • Jordan's current best understanding is that this is also how bees make decisions...
  • by clustering around potential solutions and "dancing" for them
  • The bees who believe the most and are dancing the loudest end up with all the others who are less "convinced" joining the one dance...
  • So it is similar resonance / emergence towards unanimous group consensus...
  • reference a book called Honeybee Democracy?

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