The large scale decentralized and coordinated activity require that the Federation discern how it would organize itself to train, equip, and empower the vast array of Functions that would be required for it to succeed as a Whole in its Mission.

Eventually, as sovereigns (groups, organizations, integrated delivery teams) mature, they will combine autonomy and tradecraft with education. As Groups develop internal skills training, it will make sense for Groups of similar Function to generalize out and reconcile their processes and Current Best Understanding around common material.

The function of Guilds is share wisdom and best understanding across a range of Groups engaged in similar areas of Practice.

Capacity Building

One core function of the Guilds is to build capacity in key functional areas across the distributed network of Sovereigns in the Federation.

Functional Accountability

A second core function of the Guilds is to establish Core Groups who are be accountable for the proper functioning of their unique part of the Whole.

Organs in a Body

A metaphor was established to reflect that the Whole needed to operate as if it were a single body. In this metaphor, each guild would represent the Function of a particular organ or organ system.

Guild Lifecycle

  • Describe a need
  • When the need reaches a threshold, create a sovereign
    • establish a leader and a spokesperson
    • purpose and responsibility statement
    • establish the initial team
    • articulate and design governance tradecraft training
  • gradually operationalize the sovereign
  • identify and acquire stakeholders
  • become a guild
    • attract, onboard and train apprentices

Threshold of Need

We anticipate having more needs than we can pursue. This requires a system to Prioritize The Issues so they can be addressed in the Wise Right order.