Rights and Responsibilities

All Individuals flow from One Source and are members of One Family and One Community of Life.

As such, every Individual inalienably possesses all the inherent Rights And Responsibilities that come with being a member of the family and community of One.

These Rights And Responsibilities are both equal and inalienable to All.

After the horrors and world wars at the close of the last millennium, humanity made great progress in articulating and agreeing upon the Universal Rights common to All human beings.

At the opening of the New Millennium, these rights began to be extended legally and foundationally to All.

The Lionsberg System begins from the foundational starting point of the total reintegration and Right Relationship of One and All, rooted in Love.

Rights Extend First to the Weak and Vulnerable

Diametrically opposed to the logic of the Old World, in the New World Rights extend first to the weakest and most vulnerable.

Responsibilities Extend First to the Strong

Diametrically opposed to the logic of the Old World, in the New World Responsibilities extend from to the Strongest and most Capable.

It is the moral duty and ethical imperative of those capable of exercising Power to do so in service of helping, protecting, and lifting up All, starting with the weakest and most vulnerable.

The strongest, most intelligent, and most capable in the System bear the overwhelming burden of the responsibility and accountability to ensure that All flourish, without exception.