9.21 The Fullness Of Sovereignty And Authority Lies With The Individual, Not The State

All life arises from the Uncaused Cause that creates and sustains the universe.

All life flowing from the Source and Sustainer of Life is One sacred family.

The sacredness, sovereignty, rights, and responsibilities of All life flows directly from its Source.

The Rights and Responsibilities of All life to flourish and develop into its potential are inherent to Life, and are not derived from any human, state or institution.

They therefore cannot be deprived by any human, state, or institution.

All life is sacred. All life is interconnected. All life is sovereign. All life is one.

All life flows from One, and contains a spark of the Divine. It therefore must be treated as such.

While some rulers of the Old World claimed sovereignty and even divinity, and some people accepted that, it is obvious and apparent that locus of Divine Sovereignty lies with life eternal and the individual, and not with whatever institution or authority happens to control some particular Space at some particular Time in the Story. These tiny little SpaceTime based power structures are as ephemeral and fleeting as a wave of the sea.

The only legitimate governance and authority on earth flows from the Voluntary Consent and Free Will of Sovereign Individuals and Localities, to the temporary structures which humankind sets up from time to time to meet needs and solve problems inherent in life as all life progresses towards the Goal.

No human structure has a right to exist apart from the Free Will and Consent of the Life the structure was created to Serve.

If a structure was created not to serve and lift up, but to exploit any aspect of Life, it has not place in the New World and must be transformed or abolished.

There is no structure on earth that is not entirely bound to always Serve, and never Exploit, the Life and Consciousness in its Domain Of Responsibility And Authority.

Any structure that grows exploitative or oppressive must be transformed or abolished.

Sovereign individuals, as Conscious Agents / representatives of the One, have not only the right, but the affirmative Responsibility, to ensure that all institutions they establish or Tolerate are properly aligned with and in service to the development and flourishing of life within their respective domains.

If a structure or authority subverts the legitimate Authority of the One, all Sovereigns have an affirmative duty to confront and overcome the treason and restore the proper rule, Authority and Law of the One.

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