9.22 All Generations Of Life Are Sacred And Sovereign

The same Universal Law of Love (mutual assistance due from every being to every being as All Life progresses towards its Destiny) applies not only to our fellow human beings, but to all Creation, seen and unseen.

As Conscious beings, we are aware of our ability to suffer and die.

We are therefore inherently aware of what makes other beings suffer and die.

We have have all watched an animal suffer. We have even developed a #principle that if we cannot heal an animal, it is more loving to help it die quickly, than to allow it to persist in its suffering.

Knowing the Pain and Suffering we can experience, and knowing our ability to inflict pain and suffering on others, and understanding the types of Actions and Omissions that are likely to cause Suffering

We have an immense duty to Help, and not Harm, all sacred manifestations of Life.

This is also in our best interest. The air, water, soil, and microbiome all literally permeate and sustain the physical body to which our Consciousness is briefly associated during our short time on earth.

Because of this, what we do the water, the land, the air, the plants, the animals, or any part of the Living System we do to our Selves.

We are sacred, and we cannot exist apart from the sacred Living System in which and through which we exist.

What we do the ecosystems and forests that breathe oxygen into our lungs, we do to ourselves.

What we do the water that permeates and composes us, we do to ourselves.

What we do the soil and microbiome the permeates us, we do to ourselves.

What we do to the feelings, energy, and emotions that surround us, we do to ourselves.

What we we do to our neighbor, we do to ourselves.

What we do to our society, we do to ourselves.

There is no you that exists in isolation. What we do to Life around us, we do not only to ourselves, but to our children, our grandchildren, and to many succeeding generations of life.

All Generations of Life are Sacred.

All Generations of Life are Sovereign.

All Generations of Life are Free.

By helping All Generations of Life Flourish in Harmony, we help our Selves Flourish in Harmony.

It is against the Universal Law to violate the Free Will of another Being in its Domain Of Responsibility And Authority.

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